Corey Taylor on NY Ink Episode

You have to wait about 40 minutes into the segment before you see Corey but you do see some awesome tatts in the meantime. For those that are Slipknot fans, Corey fans and/or fans of Paul then you will enjoy this segment and im sure tear up. The design Corey has for the tatt is awesome. A great shot of Paul in his mask bearing the 2-ball logo number just offset from the mask in the upper area. The 2 was done in black with red fill. Tim did an awesome job on the tatt. He spoke with Corey about Paul and he remembered the things he loved about him. In the segment just a few minutes later his wife shows up.

With such detail in the tatt it does take quite long and the pain sets in for Corey. He states that he remembers Paul’s laugh and then begins to cry. Having known Paul I teared up as well. You really dont have to have known him or even been a fan to feel the sorrow at that moment. For those interested in this segment rather than seeing the entire episode or for those in other countries that cannot get TLC Channel and/or doesn’t air I wanted to provide a link from You Tube of a video someone posted about an hour ago.

Please enjoy the video and share in the rememberance of Paul Gray.

Rock on Paul……

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