New Layout

Not sure if I will like this new layout but I am going to apply it and see whats up. If I dont I certainly will post an update to this post rather than make a new one and will then switch back to the layout I have been using since the inception of this blog. Holding strong it is! Been at this for quite some time and its still holding up. Awesome.

I guess either way I like the layout or not I will post an update on the bottom portion of this blog to let you know. I might not change it back to the old layout so soon even if I dont like the layout. Im sitting here checking out royal wedding coverage. ROYAL ENGAGEMENT T-SHIRTS. GET YOUR ROYAL ENGAGEMENT T-SHIRTS! lol sorry thats a line from one of my favorite movies, Coming to America….

Peace out for now….


I think im diggin this new layout as its a nice change from the one I used for the last two years. I just realized that my blog is nearly 2 years and 1 month old! So a happy belated birthday to my blog. Please still let me know what you think by commenting on this post and/or take the poll on the top right hand corner of the main page of my blog. Your feedback is essential. So PLEASE, comment and/or vote.

Again, thanx



One response to “New Layout

  1. take back the old one, or surprise us with another one 8)))
    this isnt bad either, just need time to get used to it
    peace out, bro !!

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