Yo Sup Folks….

…im in Houston right now and im ready for the Charlie Sheen Show Tuesday! Got my ticket and VIP. So lets get this next few days moving right meow so I can tell Charlie about the incident in Detroit…..yeah if I havent told you yet….well lets just say….its interesting!

In other news….well my hockey beard is growing out! Well not really but its like 2 days old! lol My facial hair in spring/summer grows pretty damn fast and if the LA Kings lose Saturday night…well I might as well cut it! I mean im not going to be growing out my beard as badass as former Kings player and Fox Sports West announcer Jim Fox has! lol

Soooo thats it for now. Ill post a hockey beard pic Saturday which it is right now but ill post it later today. ill probably get WordPress app on my phone and post from there.

ok so peace out and here is a pic of what Jim Fox’s beard looks like right now lol Patrick O’Neal asked Jim Thursday night on Kings Live after the game what makes the beard. He said the color the Silver Fox LOL..

Jim Fox of FSW


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