Ive blogged in the past on my craptastic adventures with unlocking and jailbreaking friends apple iphones and ipods but i never really have taken much consideration on blogging about the Android OS. Android is my OS of choice and I have quite a few interesting things to post about it. Of course I wont do all of that right now but I might start blogging a bit about this as well. Many know that I use the HTC HD2 which to me is about the best phone ive ever owned. This thing can run just about any OS including Linux and Windows 7!!! All I am running though is WinMo 6.5 and Android Gingerbread.

I rooted my phone and decided to go with the CyanogenMod7 builds. Popularly known now as the AmeriCanAndroid build.

One of my favorite spots to visit is A great site devoted to hacking all different models of cell phones. Anyone interested in a rooted build of Android for their HD2 or your Android device please check out the following links:

The builds I use are ran from the Micro SD Card as WinMo is the main OS so backing up and installing new builds of Android is fairly easy. Of course if anyone decides to go to these links and try it for yourself I suggest backing up your phone data before doing so and formatting your Micro SD Card.

NAND versions of Android are also available where you don’t need to use the card. I have not decided to take the step in flashing Android to my phone just yet. I keep WinMo just in case!

For my WinMo build I use the custom build

Anyways, if anyone has questions about running Android on your HTC HD2 I suggest checking the above links as your questions and easily be answered there.

O K i am going to bed now. My bunk is calling my name and I need a lil sleep!!



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