Whats the Deal….

Well first off let me apologize to those that actually come here to read my blogs. I have been a bit busy lately and traveling of course. Before that spending time with a great friend…..she knows who she is! =) …. Ive really just been enjoying life the best I can. In fact im sitting here in my hotel room in Raleigh NC enroute to Greensboro tomorrow. Just sitting here typing this up to post. Ive been spending time with a good friend. Shopping, having lunch…You know stuff like that. I tend to be a great shopper and pick the good shit for her….lol not to say I could do that for anyone else. I mean I would have to know what all a woman liked pretty fucking well in order to do this for anyone else. Anyways, ive also been keeping up with my favorite hockey team. That being the Los Angeles Kings. Just watched the game tonight on my laptop using NHL Gamecenter and shit wouldnt you know we fucking lost. Then again it was against Vancouver Canucks. We had a good game going then in the 3rd the Kings just quit on offense. No offense on SOGs and nothing but 3 on 1 with SOG opportunities. Oh well. We got a playoff spot secured for the most part. Our next or shall I say last 5 games are all divisional match-ups.

So yeah with that said, I really dont have much to talk about really. We all know that gas prices are high. I mean it is almost summer. We are already in Spring…Well for those of you that are reading this and are in North America! lol. I was watching the news the other day while sitting in my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale and they said that in America we pay on average $3.58 for gas while in Libya they are paying only 73 cents! How’s that for a ripoff eh? BUT….you have to expect it in America at this time of the year. I dont really care too much for American politics but I can say I really dont think American involvement or any other country for that matter is going to make a difference in what happens in Libya with Moammar Kadafi or however the fuck you spell his name. So anyone out there KISS fans? If you look at Kadafi doesn’t he somewhat look like Gene Simmons with those sunglasses on and grungy ass beard? I think so LOL.

So I was up late a few weeks ago and heard about the earthquake in Japan. Wow I stayed up late to watch the footage. Fucking horrible and saddening to see the images of the disaster. Although its not really related to the earthquake I did see something on Twitter that really pissed me off. You know I know Americans love their tech gadgets. New phones, TVs, tablets…etc. So many new things coming out to play with and yet we are confronted with these assholes that call themselves Apple fans who are pissed off because production of the iPad and now iPhone 5 have been halted because of the earthquake. Seriously folks, over 20,000 people are dead and many others homeless and left with nothing and all you can bitch about is how you dont have an $900 iPad in your hands? Why dont you fucking shut the fuck up and just wait. Its not the end of the world. Besides those complaining probably already have igadgets in their possession to play with anyways so just deal with it and when they can ship the shit out they will. It really is a shame that people are so caught up in the bullshit of owning an Apple product that they say fuck the Japanese people and fuck Japan. Thats pretty fucked up. If you dont like it then dont say shit about it. Just ignore it. Yeah I speak my mind about Apple shit and I should take my own advice and I normally dont talk shit about it but in this case after reading that people are pissed off because of this delay I felt I just had to say something. Android has not yet released official Gingerbread 2.3 for all phones yet but you dont see me bitching to Google about it.

So thats really about it. Sorry if you folks were made to read my Apple rants but seriously thats just fucked up on those fanboys/girls part. I fell as though Ive been slacking lately. No pictures or blogs. Wow! I did manage though to take a few pics at the beach in Fort Lauderdale though. Ill post it below for your viewing pleasure. So anyways, I guess I will shut up for now and get myself to bed. Oh there is one more thing about me that I forgot to mention. I have been eating much healthier lately. Cutting out sodas from my daily life. If i do drink one its usually a diet dr pepper or a pepsi max, Mostly though I been drinking water and green tea. Also eating lots of chicken, veggies and fruits. Well, I had a 8 oz steak earlier. It was practically MOOOOing still but I do like my steak pink in the middle lol. So yep thats the lowdown on me. Nothing exciting eh? Sorry folks.

More to come soon. I need sleep…oh and a shower! Hope you all enjoy your weekend and for those on the other side of the international date line…..your already enjoying the weekend! So have a great beer, cigar, cigarette, or whatever Proost!!!

Hej da!

The Beach


One response to “Whats the Deal….

  1. yeaah Gill, been so long U didnt post anything 8))) but, just do it when U feel to write, U are not obligated to anyone, so dont excuse yourself.

    Glad for U that U having so much fun. Just enjoy and appreciate those moments.
    900$ for iPad whatever, forget about it. I wont pay. U can buy whole new extra heavy gamer configuration PC.
    But more fucked up then some Apple diseased Americans speaking about delaying is Japanese people not evacuating people from those towns where radioactivity is very high.
    Lybia and political Rockstar-Gadafi, who fucking cares. USA gonna bomb them anyway.So its better for them just to surrender 8))

    Keep rocking bro 8))

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