Masked Isolation…..(A Work in Progress)

In the process of writing this piece. This is a short piece dedicated to the memory of Paul Dedrick Gray and my mixed feelings of his death and other shit. A little different from what I have posted in the past but with some of the same things. Please bare with me and this will be posted ASAP.

Give me a few days or so. Its not gonna be long but I want to make sure i post what I want to say.

If your a Slipknot or Paul Gray fan that has felt a huge void has been left out of his legacy then you might enjoy this article. Paul died in May 2010 and since then not much has been said of his death or has been done about it. As we as fans, friends, family..etc accept and deal with the way things are being handled, some feel that his memory has been put aside and left for shit. This piece will concentrate on that.

This will be based on my own feelings and emotions. This article in no way will be written in part of the feelings of the family or the band. Many might have mixed feelings on what I will say but I think the Maggots that feel Paul’s memory has been isolated will agree with me. Many knew the man behind the mask. They knew his name, his number, his masks and his voice but they didnt know much about what made him tick and what inspired him. Interviews with him have been posted all over You Tube and other sites but nothing formally celebrating his life has been said. This is where this piece comes in.

This piece is not being written to upset Brenna Gray, Tony Gray or the remaining members of the band we know and love called Slipknot. Its merely about what Paul Gray to me represented to the music industry and the world. To the legions of fans all over the world. I ask you to read this piece when it is done and leave your comments good or bad. Im not here asking for praise or hatred. Just your honest opinions to this. So in the next few days, possibly Thursday or Friday this piece will be published on my blog. Right here.

If this sounds interesting to you then please stay tuned. Those looking for iphone information….im sorry this blog is really meant for my personal feelings about life, travel, motorcycles and work. The few articles on here about iphone hacking is merely because I did this for a friend.

Thanks for your understand and please stay tuned in the next few days for this work to be released.


Paul Backstage

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