A Trip Down Memory Lane

Its different looking at that house now. The area is different. The neighborhood was much friendlier back in the days. I used to see BJ Vana speeding up and down the street in his blue Mitsubishi Eclipse lol. The guy that lived across the street from me we called John Travolta. lol. he dressed like him. Cant remember their names.

There was a cool kid that lived at the second house to the end on the same side as my house named Marcus. He accidentally shot himself to death while playing with a gun. Sux. The guy that lived at the at the corner house was named Bill. he owned a small convenience store down the road called…Bill’s.

Across the street lived this lady. Cant remember her name or her daughters name. The mother was dating this grungy ol’ guy named Steve. He would come over and jam guitar with me when he was drunk. It was cool though.

David Bialas, a retired firefighter and friend of my fathers lived on the street for awhile. Next door to me on the left was Craig Zimmerman, the guy that worked for the funeral home. Then Anessa, then BJ. Cant remember the others but there was this one guy that used to have this yellow corvette. he used to wash it like everyday and i used to call him Tom Selleck. He had that scragly moustache too lol. Then later Tim Schnabel and his mom moved in there. Ashley lived on the second to the last house. The only 2-story house on the street. Then at the end was my ol’ friends Jay and Louis Lyons. Then Mr Stepp. This kid named Ryan.

Oh and the ol’ insurance man from Rosenberg Carlos Becerra lived on my street too for awhile. RIP Carlos!

Lots of history there. I remember my friend Andy lived right off Parrott. A quick run down the street to his house. We used to drag the launch ramp out and skateboard for hours. Yes even my fatass!! I had a few boards back then. I had two Tony Hawk ones including his trademark blue and pink one with the skull and cross and a black one with a wider body. I also had a Steve Caballero board. I had VSW wheels on the Cab board and P. Peralta wheels on the Hawk boards.

When i turned 14 i got my own phone line. still remember the phone number. it was 232-2977. we didnt use area codes back then if i remember.

My mother worked at Moore’s which later became Price-Lo. My father worked for TDCJ-ID. I used to drive an old 92 Toyota Corolla that was new. It wasnt fancy but it was new and great on gas. Well gas used to be under a buck back then. I later got a pretty cool Pontiac Sunfire that was blue and gray and had tinted windows with red interior lighting and grey seats. it was cool as fuck. Then the door got smashed when a lady hit me trying to pass me while i was making a left turn. Naturally i was 16 and got the ticket….please explain that to me!!!

I went to Lamar Cons. High School and graduated Class of 94! Back to the street….well there used to be this guy. Cant remember his name but he used to sit in his garage everyday and take his old black truck apart and fix it. It was his hobby. When i was a kid my neighbor used to be a guy named Mark Nieto. When he turned 16 he gave me his badass all chrome Mongoose bike. I thought i was big shit with that thing cause it was freewheel. It was also a huge upgrade from my old BMX one lol. My father used to have this old ass Chevrolet Silverado i think it was. It was called the Big 10. It was grey and old as fuck. He used to park it in front of the mailbox and would dart out of the house to goto a fire if his pager went off.

wow…..i remember alot of shit from being a kid. there is more that is at the tip of my tongue but I cant quite grasp it all. OOOOOOOOH in the same spot where my dad used to park his truck in front of the mailbox is also the same place where Jeff Steinocher and I used to get fucked up every weekend. Sitting on the bed of his truck drinking a shitload of beer and being loud. It was also the spot where Edward Galvan brought over his new, but it was really old, Chevelle or whatever it was. It was blue. Jeff and I got some motor oil and put it all over Eddie’s tires and when he took off he was sliding all over the damn road. lol. it was funny. had to be there to see that shit!!

ok so thats my memories of this ol’ house……



My Old House


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