Apple to Release iOS 4.3 This Month/December

If you already have jailbroken your phone and upgraded the bb to 6.15.00 you might wanna know that Apple is once again releasing new firmware. iOS 4.3 is set to come out in the next week or two with App Subscriptions.

You can find info on this release easily just by googling iOS 4.3. If your a jailbreaker/unlocker then you know by now to NOT upgrade your phone. Well, if you upgraded to bb 6.15.00 you wont be able to from my understanding. When you upgraded the bb you pretty much rendered your phone only able to install firmware by using custom IPSWs.

Those using the 3GS will be happy to know that an untethered jailbreak is soon to be available. Its a known issue that the GPS chip has been disabled after the new Ultrasn0w 1.2 unlock. Some have reported that thier GPS is still working. Well I guess your in the lucky few…..somehow! Ive read that the dev team is looking for a fix for that if possible. More info is available on the limera1n website and the iphone dev team blog website.

check em out. oh and down with Steve Jobs and his bullshit OSs. Sorry Steve your phones are being hacked all over the world and you cant stop it!!! BWHAHAHAAHHA!


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