Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS by Upgrading to BB 6.15.00

Im in no way an iCrap fan but after the last two weeks of working on a friends iPhone 3G to unlock it and the crap I went through to get it done I thought I would share all the shit I ended up learning on this with others. So read what I have on here and you can goto the two links below for more info and im sure more easy step by step instructions.

The Grylls

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iCrap lovers/whores/fanatics…etc…..YES the latest jailbreak and unlocks do work. I personally did it with ease. IF you follow instructions and have the RIGHT FW and tools you as well can do so! You can post comments asking for assistance and I will try to help you as best I can. Take in mind im just a person that as jailbroken and unlocked. I am not an Apple OS developer/hacker….lol

******iPhone 4 owners please STOP! This process does NOT work for your phone. Please refer to


These sites will give you info on when iPhone4 baseband 2.10.04 will be able to jailbreak and unlock. Devs have already seen exploits that should allow for this soon. Stay tuned to their blogs/sites daily for info. Please dont hound the developers for release times. THey will release when it is 100% known to work.

Many of you have been flooding the internetz with off the wall posts and bitching about HOW TO UNLOCK THE IPHONE. well if you updated your iPhone to iOS 4.1 or 4.2 and your baseband is 5.14.02 or higher then you can easily JAILBREAK AND UNLOCK it. YOU MUST follow the steps though and do everything as said. It really doesn’t take long. In fact the longest time you will spend is downloading the IPSW files you need.

First off you need some tools. If you are using a Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 system then this is the list of steps you need and the materials you need to get this done right. Before continuing, if you have an iPhone 3GS then you NEED to put your phone on iOS 4.1 firmware. If you are on iOS 4.2.1 already you can unlock with this installed BUT you will ONLY have a tethered jailbreak. Meaning you need to tether each time you boot the phone. If you install iOS 4.1 firmware on your 3GS then the jailbreak will be untethered. I read this on a developer blog. Dont ask me where because ive read enough shit about this already that I didnt save the fucking link! LOL

SOOOO you will need these items and I will provide you with download links to get the firmware and programs.

You Need:

*iPhone 3G/3GS of course
*iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.2.1 IPSW firmware files
*Redsn0w Latest Release 0.9.6 beta 5
*iPhone USB cable


iPhone 3G 4.1 IPSW

iPhone 3G 4.2.1 IPSW

iPhone 3GS 4.1 IPSW

iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 IPSW

Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 5

First things first. What firmware is your phone running? 4.1 or 4.2? Before I begin explaining things you have to remember a few tips. If you are running iOS 4.1 on a 3G then you are fine. Same with 4.2. If you are running iOS 4.2.1 on a 3GS then you NEED to install iOS 4.1 on your phone. Reason?!? well on iOS 4.1 you get an untethered jailbreak. With iOS 4.2.1 you get a tethered jailbreak and you will need to tether each time you boot the phone to jailbreak. Its your option but i’d go with iOS 4.1 on your 3GS.

Make sure you update your iTunes to the new 10.1 version. If you need to install a stock FW on your phone do so by connecting your iPhone and turning it on. Once it prompts you to install iOS 4.1 or 4.2 you can do so. When using redsn0w later you will need the IPSW Firmware file for the version your phone is running in order to use redsn0w.

Ok. So before you run Redsn0w on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine make sure you do a few things. Right click on the redsn0w file in the folder you unzipped. You will need either WinZip or WinRAR to unzip the folder or you can let Windows use the built-in feature it has.

Before using Redsn0w Do the following: (Win Vista and Win 7 Only)

*Right click on the redsn0w file and goto Properties
*Check the box to run in Windows XP Compatibility Mode
*Check the box to Run in Administrator Mode
*Click OK and your done here.

Now run Redsn0w. You will see the redsn0w program come up Do the following in Redsn0w

*Run Redsn0w
*Click Browse
*Browse and point redsn0w to the IPSW file YOUR iPhone is currently running
(if your phone has iOS 4.1 then select the 4.1 IPSW. if using 4.2 then select that IPSW)
*Once the IPSW is verified successfully click next.
*Make sure Install Cydia and Install iPad Baseband are checked then continue
*Now turn off and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable
*Be ready to put your iPhone in DFU Mode quickly after the screen tells you to turn off.
*Follow prompts and once your phone is in DFU Mode it will performs tasks then reboot.
*Redsn0w says waiting for reboot. Let phone reboot and finish installation.

Once you are at this stage your phone has now been jailbroken and redsn0w has installed Cydia. If your phone is not already connected to a WIFI network I would suggest doing so or insert a valid AT&T SIM. You will need to have access to a network via WIFI or mobile so that Cydia can download and update packages. I had a T-Mobile unactivated SIM in the phone when I did this. At first the phone would reboot and only show the Emergency Calls Only screen. At this point open iTunes assuming you have installed the new 10.1 version. Your phone will now say Activation in Progress and gives you the option to Dismiss. You should now be able to access the springboard were as before you couldn’t. Just open iTunes!!

On the springboard scroll to the last page of icons and tap Cydia. It will run and then close itself down. Re-open it. You may be prompted to reboot the phone to continue. Once Cydia has been opened again let it finish loading and re-loading data.

Now follow these steps in Cydia to install Ultrasn0w to unlock your phone

*Open Cydia and let it load/re-load data
*Tap on Manage at the bottom of the screen and goto Sources.
*Under Sources you should see http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com repository already in the list. if not add it.
*Select the Ultrasn0w repo and install. It should be Ultrasnow 1.2
*After installation your phone will prompt you to reboot!
*Tap the reboot button and let your iPhone reboot.

At this point after your phone has been jailbroken and you have gone through Cydia and installed Ultrasn0w 1.2 your phone should now be unlocked!!! You can now enter any SIM such as a T-Mobile SIM and enjoy your new unlocked iCrap!


Many of you may have done this already and looking for a solution because you are not getting network access with an non-ATT SIM. There solution is pretty simple assuming you have done everything exactly as it should have been done.

If you have jailbroken and unlocked but have NO network access for your SIM then do the following:

Tap on the Settings > General > Network
Under Network the first option you see is Enable 3G. It is most likely set to Enable. Tap it to DISABLE it.

After reading past unlock instructions which informed to disable 3G before unlocking I did so with this unlock before installing Ultrasn0w. Still after doing so 3G service does not appear to be working but EDGE for T-Mobile does. So if your not getting SIM access for your card then disable 3G and your phone should start running on the SIM within a few moments. If not reboot and it should be working assuming you unlocked correctly.


* Many are reporting GPS issues. GPS not working
* Many are reporting lag on the phone after unlocking (I experienced a slight lag myself on iOS 4.1 unlock)
* No SIM network coverage after unlocking (disable 3G in Settings>General>Network)

Redsn0w ISSUES:

* Stuck on Waiting for Reboot (make sure you have the correct FW file loaded that your phone is using)
* Wont Verify IPSW file. (make sure you have downloaded the correct IPSWs for your device!!!)
* Ran Redsn0w but didnt update baseband (make sure you have ran redsn0w in XP Mode and as Administrator)
* Redsn0w taking long time to update baseband files (redsn0w access Apple servers to update to 6.15.00 baseband. The servers are bombarded. Give it some time!)


A) 1st Solution: try to activate the phone using the official sim if u have it (even if the sim itself is old and not working) , or borrow it from a friend if it’s possible, by any means, try to have an access to one and use it
B) 2nd Solution: if A is not feasible, u can install SBsettings from featured cydia packages and turn wifi and data off when u r not using it (shuts down both 3g and edge) , till C is done
C) 3rd Solution: there is a very nice module being worked on by a trusted jailbreak app dev, namely @sbingner , which ll resolve that issue for those having it, the details of which shouldn’t be disclosed until he finishes his awesome work, till then, either use A or B to resolve the issue if it exists for you

Info taken from the link:


35 responses to “Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS by Upgrading to BB 6.15.00

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  2. are you on a iPhone 3GS? what device you have and what steps did you take to JB and unlock?

    try flashing the phone with a stock firmware iOS 4.1 for example then use the same IPSW with Redsn0w and update the baseband. Cydia should work.

    You say Cydia is not working. Cydia must have a data connection or WIFI connection to function. Do you have a valid working SIM in the phone OR a WIFI connection setup to allow Cydia to download packages and new releases. You will need the connection to install Ultrasn0w as well.

  3. Here is what is happening basically…

    you have an iOS on your 3G/GS now. Lets use iOS 4.1 for example. Now if you dont have the IPSW on-hand then you download it.

    You open Redsn0w and point it to the the iOS 4.1 IPSW. This patches the iOS kernel and prepares the phone for the jailbreak and then jailbreaks it. It exploits the hole to hack the phone. Redsn0w doesn’t flash your phone it just “hacks” it. When Redsn0w reboots your phone it actually installs the jailbreak and Cydia packages needed to complete the unlock. Remember Cydia is a third-party app that is NOT allowed by Apple hence why you jailbreak!

    When the phone reboots you should see an image on the phone screen that looks like a hard drive and it says Preparing Jailbreak Data. Then you will see the image of a pineapple or whatever their logo is lol. This will tell you that it is installing all the needed patches and bundles i.e. Cydia. When this is done your phone is Jailbroken but NOT unlocked.

    You reboot, run Cydia and follow the steps to unlock using Ultrasn0w. Ultrasn0w is the actual unlock assuming you are on the correct baseband. Just some people are confused with what Redsn0w does and what Ultrasn0w does. They do two different things but you have to do one in order to do the other.

    MAC users can use either the Redsn0w utility on their MAC or the Pwnage Tool. You can goto the iPhone Dev Team Blog which I linked in this post to download the dmg files for Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool. MAC users will need to make sure they download the iPad firmware IPSW as well as their phones firmware IPSW. Then run Pwnage Tool and select your phone. Either way you choose as a MAC user the utilities do the same thing just different ways in doing so.

    BUT remember folks, if you NEED GPS functionality on your iPhone then this unlock is probably not for you. Please see my section Known Issues. GPS chip seems to be disable when unlocking on the 6.15.00 baseband. If you dont need the GPS chip then by all means go ahead and unlock. Also 3G seems to not work. I dont know the fix but you can message the devs and they might be able to helps with that. Just something to think about BEFORE you unlock for your carrier.

    If your on ATT then you dont need to unlock. You can run the jailbreak. If you need to downgrade your baseband and are NOT on 5.14.02 you can jailbreak and run Cydia and search for Fuzzyband and downgrade. You NEED to be on bootloader 5.8 and on baseband LOWER than 5.14.02.


    You can download a few utilities there free.
    F0recast is a simple utility you can use to tell you if your device is unlockable and what bootloader and baseband you are running. Also tells you if you are tethered or not.

    iReb puts your phone in jailbreakable state.

  4. I have iPhone 3gs with iOS 4.1 BB 5.14.02, I have jailbroken that to iOS 4.0 now my BB is 5.14.02, I am not able to unlock it using ultrasnow 1.2

  5. Nivas,

    you have to use iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.2 on your iphone. Then download Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 5. also download if you dont have it already the iOS 4.1 or 4.2.1 IPSW. Point redsn0w to the IPSW for the firmware that is on your phone and make sure Install Cydia is checked and make sure you checkmark Install iPad Baseband.

    once you have done this and jailbroken with redsnow then go into Cydia and install Ultrasn0w 1.2

  6. Thanks gillgrylls.

    You mean to say I have to update my Baseband 5.14.02 to 6.15.00.
    its same for 3g and 3gs?
    how to check if my iphone is 3g or 3gs?

  7. Nivas,

    on your iPhone go into the Settings icon…

    go Settings>General>About.

    Then scroll down and you will see your model number. i wasnt sure about my friends phone when i unlocked it so i googled the model number and i found out it was a 3G. So just find your model number and google it. should tell you right away if its a 3G or 3GS.

    There is a way to tell by the serial number too but im not sure how to do that.

  8. yes you have to update your baseband to 6.15.00.

    just a reminder though many are reporting that their GPS chip is not working after unlocking.

    also, in order to fix the battery drainage issue if you have a stock AT&T SIM card put it in the phone while you are jailbreaking and unlocking. it will help iTunes to activate the phone using the proper SIM card. your phone will say activation complete when done. then you can take it out and put in your other SIM.

  9. Thanks gillgrylls,

    Successfully Unlocked the phone and its worked like a charm.
    thanks for your valuable suggestions.

    Nivas Shinde

  10. Hi guys,
    I have my iphone 3gs new bootroom on ios 4.2.1, I jailbreak it following all the steps mentioned here and in so many sites. at the beginning cydia is not working, but after two or three tries, I was able to open cydia and download the new released ultrrasnow and unlock my phone, but after a while, the phone turned off and stock in DFU mode, I tried all steps that can reactivate my phone, ultrasnow, restore via pwnagetool, rejailbreak…etc, non of it work for me, and when iphone restart, a yellow screen appear for a while and then it turns into black, pleeeeeeeeeease help me to solve this problem.
    note: baseband is 6.15.00 and i tried a custom firmware 4.1, but no response from iphone.
    Thanks guys
    waiting for your replies

  11. Yahia,

    did you try using the stock iOS 4.1 IPSW file? I used the stock 4.1 IPSW. not sure how to deal with this issue since after upgrading the BB to 6.15.00 you can only use custom IPSWs. you might want to goto the limera1n website or the iphone dev team website and see if they can point you in the right direction.

    i know that with the 3GS the jailbreak is only tethered with iOS 4.2.1 but the dev team is soon to release the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1. When I got stuck in DFU mode i would just hold the home and power buttons together until the phone turned on then i released both immediately.

  12. please can you help me i have a iphone 3g i have managed to jailbreak it and unlock it fine it will select network but then says network restricted I’ve try the disabling the 3g turning off and on the flight mode not sure what else to do would apreciate any ideas pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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  14. i have a iphone 3gs and i installed green pois0n on it to jailbreak it and it worked then i went into cydia and installed it and ran the ultrasn0w program and im getting an erroe message after it had said reloading data and the error message states could not activate cellular data network

  15. Hi,
    I have tried to follow the exact steps which you have mentioned in the blog
    i Have IPHONE 3g with BB:6.15
    installed 4.2 IPSW but it get stuck in recovery mode
    tried with RedSn0w with IPAD baseband still it gets to recovery mode.
    therefore i have restored it backup to IPSW 3 and tried to jailbreak it…which was successful so right now i have an F***ing IPOD instead of IPHONE.
    Please advise

    NItin Mohan

  16. hello,
    i did the jailbreak and unlock as described above. everything worked but the battery kept draining. so i am upgraded to BB 6.15.00. i got my hands on an att sim so i tried to do jailbreak and unlock a second time. but this time redsnow just hangs while “downloading jailbreak firmware”… nothing happens after this and redsnow never finishes d/l the files. can anyone help me? what do i do to jailbreak and unlock now?

  17. I recently purchased an unlocked jailbroken iphone 3G that runs 4.2.1 and bb 6.15.00. Every time I put my t-mobile sim in the phone just says no sim card inserted, I have tried updating ultrasn0w and cleaning the sim card area but to no avail. The previous owner assures me it was working fine with their orange sim so I am now stuck for ideas, any help with this would be much appreciated as I want an iphone not an ipod.

  18. The iOS 8 unlock is not available on the internet at the moment, and there is no word about when it
    will come out the source it will come out from.

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