What Annoys You?

for me….

1. bills, well paying them lol
2. not moving while driving/riding. (vehicles were meant to move not sit at lights lol)
3. people in the express lane with a basket of groceries
4. people who weight a buck o’ five and complain that they are fat! (carry my weight fuckers!!! lol)
5. Summer
6. Humidity
7. video games
8. Apple, Steve Jobs, icrap phones, mp3 players and laptops
9. Apple Whores
10. Houston Texans
11. Houston Astros
12. TEXAS!!
13. The airlines automatically calling me a terrorist. i dont care about bombing and killing other people
14. elections commercials
15. politicians
16. cheaters – no not the show
17. my sometimes spotty 3G coverage. I want 3G downloading all the time lol
18. drunk people with whom think they are cool because they have a beer in their hand and are loud.
19. drugs – sorry but i smoked weed when i was a teen but that shit stinks
20. people that tell me to go back where I came from….where? to TX. im not from mexico fucktards!! lol
21. people that take it upon themselves to re-tune my guitars to their liking….DONT DO IT!!!
22. Touch my Neil Peart drumsticks and die!!! yeah….
23. fans that beg for backstage access yet treat me like shit
24. girls that lose their fucking minds when they see Justin Beiber…
25. dudes that think they are gods gift to women
26. women that flirt with other men in the presence of their man or male friend
27. men that think with the wrong head
28. women that think they need a man in their lives 24/7. its okay to be single ladies!!! geez!!
29. sex….i love it but god its not the most important thing on the face of this earth. use your hand!! lol
30. if i say im busy on the phone or text then it means im busy lol
31. people that sit next to me on long flights that always cough or sit their kids next to me! DONT DO IT!!!
32. loud people.
33. quiet salad eating people….your stomach is growling because your hungry…eat a steak damnit lol
34. my big feet. i trip over myself all the time…

….. more to come…i have to go for now lol


8 responses to “What Annoys You?

  1. lol. yeah i got that from Eddie Murphy’s RAW. or Delirious. One of those when he talks about going out with quiet salad eating women lol

    glad you got a laugh. of course some of these things do annoy me but this is meant to be stictly humorous!

  2. hahah you hate if a kid sits next you on the plane? 🙂 i love it!!!
    and i also loose my fucking mind when i hear justin bieber 😀 i start kicking the radio

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