Life…and a Silly Story!

is good. Enjoying some downtime at home. Relaxing. Got a BBQ to goto Friday so that should be fun. Lately ive been enjoying sports again. Ive always been a basketball, hockey and football fan but spent so little time watching. So ive already been to one basketball game and plan to attend more not to mention some hockey games as well. Sorry, no baseball fan here. The only updating I would do is checking out the score. Seems all the Cal people I know are going for the Rangers! LOL. If it was the Dodgers then i’d be more happy about the game lol.

So nothing new really lately. Ive had some insane wild dreams. Thanks to the fact that I can control my lucid dreams mostly I have some cool ones. Last night I was on the beach at Tobacco Caye Belize in my lil beach house hut. Nice! The other night I had a crazy dream. I was at some unknown location and I was walking along this sidewalk which lead to the gates of this castle. About 4 feet down was the water. Suddenly this speed boat comes out. Then another. These dudes in black suits are coming after me. SOOOOO, I make my way to the gates or doors of this castle and I go in. The windows are open and huge in this place and these people can see me so they bring their boats closer to the castle and I run farther into the house looking for a place to hide. Then this group of guys dressed like vikings comes out speaking Norwegian and saves the day. They tell me to follow them. I guess I was some sort of James Bond that could speak different languages as I could understand them so I followed them down to this corridor to a square stairwell doing down. Yeah we must have ran about 30 floors down! So halfway down we notice these people are in the stairwell and coming at us and we must run even faster. the last four floors I did some sort of jump trick and landed four floors down like some pro lol. We get to this dock of boats. Yeah strange huh….A dock of boats!?! I mean i was pretty much at sea level when they first started chasing me and after going down 30 floors we are still at sea level?!? WTF! So anyway, we hop in this speed boat just in the nick of time and are off down the lake. These bad guys nearly caught me and we escaped. We proceeded to flip them off and laugh and they started throwing a fit. Then as we got farther away I sat down and asked one of the guys, “can I ask you something, why in the fuck did we go down 30 floors of stairs and end up back at the water?” I got all laughs then one of them said, its your dream you tell us! LOL That was funny.

So anyways besides my wacky ass dreams nothing else is new. Dont forget to read and comment on my pics. I also made a new youtube channel. Nothing added yet but I will be adding soon. search for GryllsTech. So yeah dont forget to comment and subscribe to me if your a youtuber and you still have time to win that cookie…see…. (look at the pic….mmmmmm) lol



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