Rockets/Lakers NBA Opener A Great Game

……BUT the Lakers were not playing like a championship team. Of course Lakers fans will beg to differ. I like both teams but Lakers fans….The Rockets owned you just about the entire game! So be it its a win in the record books, its not by far a victory to celebrate all too well. The Rockets showed up to play and they proved that. Lakers took up to the 4th period to come back and still the Rockets came back. Staples Center was packed and the ring ceremony and banner unveiling was as expected. Ron Artest though is donating his Championship ring to a charity raffle. How thoughtful of the former Rockets player and Lakers Champion!

It was an impressive game by the Rockets and Lakers. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Lakers fans are already saying 3-peat but the season just began and if the Rockets continue that play, the next meetings between these two teams won’t be a blowout as most expected.

Im anxious to see these two teams play again. should be a great NBA season. Its great that they also have implemented the review cameras to allow the officals to fairly make the right call where as in the past this has cost many teams. For instance years ago when the Houston Rockets played the San Antonio Spurs, Hakeem Olajuwon made a shot at the buzzer which would have been a game winner BUT the officials said Hakeem did not get the ball off in time. After further review of the play AFTER the game was already won by the Spurs, the commentators clearly showed how Hakeem did in fact get the ball off BEFORE the buzzer thus the officials screwing the Rockets out of the Finals.

So thats about it for now. Peace out!


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