Same Shit…Different Day….

Yeah thats about right! nothing really ever changes even when you think it does. Im sure this goes for many other people besides me. There’s many reasons why I dont waste my time with certain things. Really what is the point? If we did things and know that the outcome would be the same no matter what we do and how hard we work at it then whats the point? Life seems like a broken record these days. Like a game or puzzle. Frankly, I dont even deal with the petty shit anymore.

Sadly though, we experience the same shit just on different days and times. Sometimes those annoying lil things go away for what appears to be for good then….BAM right back at cha! FAIL! Sometimes when I travel its the greatest experience ever and others its just totally fucked up. One small infraction can screw up an entire trip. Believe me I know from much experience! Then some things just work out so well its like we must be dreaming. This shit is too good to be true. Dont worry, its going to come back to haunt you. Always does. Work, social, love, etc…..never fails. Then sometimes we get those negative things out of our life and then somehow one way or another that shit creeps right back in. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Im not saying for me personally. Just in general for people. People piss us off everywhere we go. The freeway, grocery store, work, internet…etc. I decided upon coming home to stay off social networks like Facebook. Sure I been tweeting but there is not really enough interaction there that annoys me. With Facebook its just too much BS and I got sick of it. Hence my absence from it. Sure ill hop back there but for me Facebook was becoming that Same Shit, Different Day annoyance. I needed the break. I choose to stay away from social places and from social events. I dont care to go out to clubs, bars, shit like that. Why? its noisy…people are yelling, acting stupid, drunk, high, on drugs and thinking they are gods gift to women/men. Its quite sad that I was once the person that enjoyed going out every weekend even if just to shoot pool but now no one really wants to go, cant go because they are parents or just doesn’t have the desire to go anywhere fun. Thats why i lost interest to do things. I never really cared for movie theatres yet i never get invited to goto them so why go alone? I fall asleep in the fucking places if im alone. I remember i watched the last two Matrix movies in the theatre and fell asleep both times. Dark cool places make this cold loving guy sleepy! lol…

I get sick of the same shit. Seriously, I think its the reason I like to get away and/or do different things. Many of you that actually read this are wondering why Im home on a Saturday night. Well, 1. no one asked me to do anything. 2. what the fuck is there to really do? 3. why go anywhere where there will be 20,000 screaming drunk people? That about sums it all up. Im not really that boring of a person. I just got this way because over all the years ive lost all of my friends to marriages and women. They now belong to their wives that boss them around and make them stay home. You know they are considered cheaters if we guys went out for a few brews and billiards. So my huge circle of friends is down to lets say, 2. Both have kids, never any free time and it sucks. I can’t really bitch though. It is the Same Shit, Different Day for them and that my online friends is the reality we call……life!

Craptastic huh?! lol


Pier to Nowhere


2 responses to “Same Shit…Different Day….

  1. hey bro, very good entry-thank you,
    true, funny and some places too much for some people-but not me
    better not too comment anything more-leave it great as it is

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