Slipknot Content….Slipknot Fans Please Read!

Those of you that are Slipknot fans that might be following this site I wanted to let you know that information about Slipknot and Paul Gray has been removed. There has been uproar about Brenna getting upset on personal pictures posted on another website which I did not do. To ease the issues I just decided to removed all Slipknot content on this site including my thoughts on Paul’s death. those posts have been made private and only visible by myself. Sorry for this inconvenience. It was not asked of me to remove the content but im removing it for Brenna.

Many have different thoughts about this issue. I as well have mixed thoughts about things but yes pictures of Paul and Brenna’s daughter online is not cool! If you didnt take the picture then you don’t own it. I dont know who posted pics of Paul’s daughter and such but that seems to be the case.

Fans have emailed me on here and other venues about how they feel with the death of Paul and how things have been since. I know fans are upset that there has been no formal memorial in his honor. To be honest I as well am a bit shocked. When Dimebag Darrell died a memorial for fans was setup with speakers and other Dimebag memorabilia on display for fans to see. Not everyone including family and band im sure were too keen on the idea. Completely understandable. For the fans around the world if you would like to honor Paul I would suggest possibly arranging your own memorials. In parks, venues or wherever.

The pictures in question I did see, very personal pictures of their daughter just born. These pics taken by family and others quite possibly by hospital staff. I would say that if you have any of these pics posted on any of your websites, please take them down out of respect. It may be against what you stand up for but at least have the common respect for the family by not displaying personal pictures you do not have permission to post. I wanted to also add that for those that might be family to Paul and such, if you have personal pictures loaded online for others to see you might want to take extra precautions to make sure those pictures are protected and watermarked. On Facebook your photo albums are defaulted to EVERYONE so unless you change privacy settings everyone can see your pics merely by searching your profile. Also you can set your profile to where non-friends cannot see your profile at all. This is best to do. Sadly, the internet is a haven for hackers and such so anything you post online is not 100% secure. Pictures can be searched by merely typing Paul Gray or October Gray. In Google pages are cached so even if some is deleted there may be a cached copy of it still on Google’s server. So just be aware.

I dont think Brenna’s issue is as much with pictures of Paul and she but most definitely the pictures of their daughter! Either way, take them down. If you see them on other sites please kindly ask them to be removed. On another site I read someone saying something like “take those mother fucking pictures down or else im gonna come fuck you up….” ok thats just immature people. Ask nicely. People are most likely to do so if you ask nicely. You dont walk into your bosses office and tell him to fucking give you a mother fucking raise or you will burn his new Mercedes Benz so be civil. For Christ’s sake some people really need to grow up and and just act like an adult. Stupidity and irrational behavior gets you nowhere! Im sure it upsets fans that it has come to this but you really do have to respect their privacy no matter how well you know someone. Its not entirely fair to blame the fans for having possession of these photos and other pertinent data but there is data online that is public data and searchable. Pictures posted by people close to the family or by family can get into the wrong hands.

I have about 12 pictures of Paul’s grave. Some a friend took and others I personally took. I have told no one of his location and/or how to find it because of security issues. I will not post those pictures either! Dont even ask. Never even crossed my mind to do so. There is a fine line between what is personal and what is public and although something as public as a gravesite is, they want to keep it private for now. Will they disclose that information to anyone? I dont know and i personally will not give anyone that information either. It has been said on the internet where he is buried but finding it in such a huge place is completely up to you! I seriously dont think people want destroy his final resting place but rather want to pay their respects. I visited Dimebag’s and I never could get a moment to myself there but fans would respect others privacy and stay quiet. Others would jam or whatever.

People that create the music we enjoy and love become part of us in many ways. Many people never met their musical heros but have many magazines, or other memorabilia they might collect. Those people become a part of us all spiritually. For those that really understand the true meaning of appreciating music they know that feeling.

As for Paul’s burial. Really that cannot be blamed on fans. For instance the local Des Moines newspaper has this information published in its article. Cemeteries are huge places. I really could not see myself going through an entire cemetery to find one person’s grave. Very hard to do. Many are unmarked or there is nothing there at all. No stone…nothing. So the best way to grieve over Paul’s death is to do so in your own special way. Part of the reason Slipknot adores their fans is their creativity. Be creative in your own way of grief. Be it a wall of posters and pictures, concert memorabilia, autographs or pics you took with him. For instance, I know a woman from Australia on my FB friends list that has a wall of Slipknot in her home. She has one of Paul’s Signature Basses she bought. Some posters, autographs and such. Decals on her car…etc….Thats a great way to celebrate the man’s life.

So in conclusion I ask you all to please respect the family. If you have personal pics posted, please take them down. Pics of Paul and Brenna and of their daughter please. Band pics, fans pics thats cool! I know many people have read my blogs on here about the Knot and emailed me but never commented. Sorry if you had them bookmarked or whatever. I just chose to removed them for my own personal reasons. I do have more to share about this but that will probably be on another blog. Right now im off to find some fucking dinner! LOL


Sao Paulo


One response to “Slipknot Content….Slipknot Fans Please Read!

  1. I thought this thing is already over, but here it goes-continuing with posting pics of his daughter. I dont really see any need to look at those photos, neither I am interested, and I cant see any real purpose of posting them-it is just invading someones privacy. So there is only one right thing someone can do – take them down.

    It is your personal thing to make the posts invisible/private- the ones you wrote about your feeling after Paul death, but dont delete them, they are good reminder what he means to you, and were nice to read. Only people who havent read them will miss them, I wont read them twice anyway-for now 8))

    Paying respect to Paul is not connected with finding his grave, everyone can do it silently in thoughts too, think about Slipknot, their music … Leaving his grave untouched, unfound by masses is maybe showing more respect then making it public. But I am glad that there are public houses and memorial places for Elvis for example.

    Have nice meal 8))

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