You know, I dont get fans. Especially teenagers. I commented on a video of Joey Jordison from Slipknot on his drum solo from the Disasterpieces DVD and the people there are ignorant. I am sure most are teenagers. Teenagers seem to think that if a band doesn’t play fast ripping metal guitar solos and drum solos that they are poser ass pussy mother fuckers. Another thing with these fans is that they seem to think that because JJ can solo double bass at 170bpm that no one else in the world can do it. I got news for you kids……WATCH YOU TUBE!!! In fact there are plenty of aspiring drummers and guitarists out there that can play their favorite bands music. I add my own style into songs when I play. Maybe a harmonic or pick slide here and there. Tremolo bar here and there…etc….On drums I try to stick with the way the song goes but I do add in my own spice.

I just think its ignorant that these fans get so upset when people critique their favorites. I have my favorite artists. People say shit about them. Doesn’t piss me off. Its their opinion. The only thing I hate is how rock music gets put aside for shit like rap and pop. Rap and pop may be the popular shit today but its NOT the only music people listen to. In fact watch movies today. How many times do you hear a rock song or a metal style beat? Plenty of times. Action movies use rock styles all the time.

Some guy posted on the video that we are all posers and that we have no musical taste or knowledge. Ok wise guy if I dont have any musical knowledge then why in the fuck have I been touring with bands for over 12 years of my life? ….BEOTCH!! lol Everyone has their own taste in music. Remember this youngsters….speed does not make you a better artist. A metal guitarist can blaze though solos all night but BB King can play the fuck out of the blues and to be honest, there is more feeling in the blues than metal. Ever wonder why bands that once were so popular are gone? They lived it up. They partied too much. Drank too much, did too many drugs and fucked too many women. You can only do that shit for so long before it comes back to haunt you. The music industry may be about getting women and money but honestly, do you want to fuck some woman you dont know? Get some disease and possibly knock her up so that she comes back to you years later wanting 80% of your earnings? I didnt think so!

Musicians are influenced by others. In fact everyone is influenced by others. For everything we do someone has at one point or another influenced us to do what we do. I was influenced by Alex Lifeson and Eddie Van Halen. I was influenced on the drums by Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich and Buddy Rich. There were others but the point im making here is that for every artist we idolize there was someone they idolized. To say Joey Jordison is the best drummer ever but Keith Moon sucked or whomever is stupid. Music evolves just as we do. Music today is nothing like it was when our parents were kids and so on. How about when our grandparents could remember listening to Bing Crosby? Today people would say Bing sucks balls…At least thats what the teens would say yet the adults would praise him and remember listening to that. Hell i listen to Bing, Frank, Dean, Sammy…etc….I have a wide musical range. its a shame that teenagers and other people think that music is just one style and thats it.

The media likes to label people when they die. They say a President was one of the best ever or that a rockstar was the best ever. Why label people? WHen they were alive they many times would be criticized and considered shit or fake. Then when they die they become the best. Sort of like how movies are rated today. Every time I watch a movie trailer the same shit is said….”the best movie of the year…” ok how can every movie be the best movie of the year mother fuckers? Im sick of it. The media is responsible for much of the outcry. Like right now all I hear is Lady Gaga….Ok that bitch is annoying. To me she is a Amy Winehouse ripoff. What those people wont do for attention. A meat suit? A meat hat? Come the fuck on man. Seeing how these people are today really makes me appreciate artists like Neil Peart. He doesn’t like all the attention. He does his job and at the end of the night he owes you nothing more. You pay for the concert. You get 3 hours of music and at the end he waves goodbye to you and thats it. Its over. No waiting by the buses for autographs and “dude your the best drummer ever and im your biggest fan” You know how many times bands hear that shit? Im sure they lost count!

People tend to think that bands and crew owe them the world. You pay for a concert. Honestly i dont know why they offer VIP tickets and meet and greets anymore. Before it was a privilege to meet your fav bands now they just sell tickets to an event. Many artists love writing, recording and performing but not always meeting people. They cant meet and greet all 80,000 of you that pack the arena. In fact you are meeting them when they walk out on stage. ive seen women practically rip guys clothes off backstage. Cocks get sucked. Women get their panties torn off and fucked. Honestly, its gross. I’d rather go home and have meaningful sex with the woman i love rather than some groupie that hits up every concert looking for a good time with whatever famous guy comes out.

I remember on the early Slipknot tours there was this one teenage girl that would goto every concert in her area that she could. She would whore herself out to Corey Taylor and when other girls came around she got bitchy and would tell them to leave her man alone. Corey would be like WTF man go away. i think this girl was about 16 or so. I just dont get it though. Ignorance!!!

Another thing that pisses me off that ive discussed before is fans that think they know it all or guys that try to impress their girlfriends. They talk shit to the crew and then afterwards when their cute girlfriend gets backstage they get pissed off because I wont let them back. Its called karma bitch! You treat me like shit and I return the favor back to you!!! Why? Because I dont owe you a mother fucking thing! Dont try to be my best friend like we have known each other for 10 years. Say hi and shit but geez dont expect for me to open the world of the backstage area to you because you are nice.

Anyways, going back to my first point about fans and music. I just cant stand how fans get so pissy about things. See, Joey Jordison is a great drummer. He is well respected in the music community. If he wasn’t then he would not have had the opportunity to jam with so many bands. for example Korn and Metallica. You have to be pretty damn well respected for Metallica to say, “come up and jam with us man.” A person that studies drums will tell you that he has good technique but they might not tell you they like his style or his drumming in general. There are plenty of bands that i dont like but maybe their drummer or guitarist, bassist or whatever is damn good. Give credit where credit is due. Neil is the last person to tell you he is the greatest drummer. Its been a label he has been given for years. He has a unique style and technique. He doesn’t go out there playing speed metal he just plays. To me there is no such thing as the greatest of anything. People call Tiger Woods the greatest golfer ever yet im sure out there somewhere in the world someone plays golf better than he does.

Evolution is constant. Just like many things. Ignorance is constant. It will never change. Some people really need to get a grip on reality and realize that just because someone criticizes you or your favorite people it doesnt make them any better or worse than you. Its just their right to their own opinion.


7 responses to “Ignorance…

  1. i think Joey Jordison is a great drummer. Is he the best no. but when i was 15 and listening to the ST and Iowa, i thought he was. I didn’t know better. I feel bad for the man that kind of label isn’t fair. There is no way you can say one person is better then another in this industry. There is no universal measure for greatness. In fact there are a lot of bands where i only like the guitars or the drums.

    People live in their own little worlds. They listen to the same bands day after day talk about how much they love the fans and they are soooo thankful, and then they expect something because they can’t see that there are 10,000 other people thinking the same exact thing.

    In a way the artist really do owe everything they have to their fans. They wanted the world to hear their music, well there is a price. privacy. this shouldn’t be news to anyone. I am gonna go ahead and use metallica as an example. i bet you they practically gave their music away when they first started…then they turned around and sued their fans because they weren’t getting enough in royalties. WTF? what happened to just wanting people to hear your music, and if u make some money great.

  2. I am just listening some jazz, pop, lounge right now, in fact every day I listen all kinds of different music all day. It is not so important to me if some drummer, bassist of some band is better playing then another, because I dont play instuments myself, I really cant professionally tell the difference. I can recognize some difference for a average listener, but as you said: playing non stop solos or speed drumming is not the most important thing and not the key to say someone is better then another.
    It is more the whole picture/ feeling/ vibe the band or artist creates with his music, melody, song, performance. I listened many artist with not so great voice but with cool songs I like or vice versa, great songs but bad performance.

    I would go to Lady GaGa concert-why not, just to see live, but not so bad like some other favorite bands I really listen-they are worth even double the price I usually pay. But for GaGa paying at least 70euro-no, I really dont have to. I would pay 100 euro for Pearl Jam without any second thought. One ticket for me, 1 for my brother. The thing GaGa is sooo overprised is because everyone thinks she is great mo-fo artist, but come oon lets face it, she is good interesting pop singer, but nothing sooo great. If she is so great pop singer she will continue to perform for years like Madonna-25 years, Rolling Stones etc.

    I watched MTV Music Awards-after coming out with that meat suit on her-and looking retarded, like stoned on that red carpet pre show and telling some stupid stuff, from that point on I started to loose my sympathy for her, she just became boring and stupid, dont know why, just like that.

    Great backstage stories-that one with Corey. And dont get upset about stupid assholes who tell someone like you that you dont know anything about music. It is Michael Jackson and Slipknot listening at the same time, respecting the artists.
    It is not comparing two different things-like best artist of hip hop with best band in rock etc. Some people just dont get it, or want to look smart by stating stupid shit 8))) Music is not just one genre, one style.

    This post is just like summary from some of your previous post-very good and interesting

  3. Very true! sadly i tend to ramble about some of the same crap. I think sometimes when i write i tend to forget key points and i write another post about it lol

    yesterday i came across more ignorance. i was eating at this restaurant and after eating my food the waitress came over and took our empty plates. Not a problem but when I eat mexican food i like to snack on the chips and hot sauce. the lady just snatched up the entire table and comes back with the ticket in a matter of minutes. Im like WTF!!! i was still munching on those!!! lol. Made us feeel like we had to leave in a rush rather than relax and talk as people tend to do when they go out to eat!

    oh well…..the point was i ate when i was hungry lol

  4. Yeah, I know that feeling-without asking just taking the dishes away, like you are not anymore wanted here, make the seat free for other guests. Not really pleasent.
    Just order another Coke or something 8))) and dont drink it there, just sit and when you are over with talking, take the Coke and drink it outside of resaturant- my idea 8))

  5. Hey Gill, what do you think about this band: Mushroomhead

    from wikipedia: reference to Mushroomheads style, Allmusic said, “reviewers have mentioned everyone from Marilyn Manson to Evanescence to Slipknot and Sevendust. But truth be told, Mushroomhead had a distinctive, recognizable sound (and a devoted cult following in Cleveland) long before Evanescence or Slipknot broke through commercially — and it would be a huge mistake to think that Mushroomhead is actually trying to emulate any other artists.”


    and so on ……. read if you are interested.

    I think they are not bad, they sound like some mix from various bands, bad and good, one I like and I dont like 8)) but anyway…… I ll check them later when I have more time, but curious about your opinion. Thanks.
    And nothing can be compared to Slipknot, thats clear for me

  6. For somebody who claims to be interested in so many styles of music and so many artists, you sure do spend a helluva lot of time going on and on and on about Slipknot. Hell you’re practically a frickin’ groupie without the benefits. Jordison’s a good drummer, sure, but tell you what…. Corey Taylor has got to be one of the most overrated, undertalented vocalists in the industry. His range is nonexistent.

  7. haha a groupie, dude i spent 6 years working for those guys. so i have plenty to say about them. and you know what….JACK SHIT about me so how could you possibly know what i listen to? this blog is not for me to post about every type of music i like just because i say i like many styles. There are bands i like that you probably have never heard of. As far as Corey Taylor goes, his singing is average. He can take different octaves better than some but the only bragging I hear about him being a GOD at singing is from the fans that dont know much about different styles of music. There are other vocalists better than Corey. Their music is easy to play. Their popularity came from the fact that they started as a fan friendly band. As all bands progress in the industry they become less accessible to fans so many will say they or any other band sells out….its because security at these venues gets more strict.

    I happen to enjoy having all access for any band that I work with. Its a perk to the job. i honestly dont care about hanging out with any of the band members because as I have gotten older I just dont care about all that shit anymore where as some 18 year old kid who wants to sneak backstage thinks that he is going to fit in. They dont. They stand out because they are not working! See me as you wish. If you think I am trying to make people believe that Slipknot is the best band ever your wrong. My favorite style of music is classical but who in the hell really wants to hear me write about Frederic Chopin? No one obviously!

    If someone says something derogatory about someone you know most people would defend them. i do that in my posts if I feel the need to. People are entitled to their opinions. Thats fine but those that give their opinions should know that the person they are referring to or someone close to them just might have something to say back to them. Thats just the way it is. Personally I dont even talk to any of the Slipknot guys anymore. No sweat off my back. Not like im at home tearing up old passes and burning shit. I dont care.

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