Mishaps & Vengeance!

yeah my phone is in it, the grave that is! the stupid ass touchscreen will NOT respond to shit! did numerous hard resets, task 29 w/o mtty. did a mtty, installed different ROMs and the phone is dead. you can call me and I can talk to you but the screen is 100% completely gone. so yeah im getting a replacement BUT i have NO phone to use out here. The only person I know that would have spare phones is in TX and I am in Tampa! LOL geezus. guess ill just wait til i get the new phone.

i actually have another phone which I use for the sake of my company outside of the music biz. those that have the number can call me on that or text me on that phone. OR just email me and ill get it to you…if i know you good enough that is LOL.

other than that, nothing new to report….well…kinda….sorta….lets just say the R1200GS has broken mirrors and a scratched up tank thanks to some fucktard that decided to dart out on the road and hit the brakes to a slow crawl of 5mph…..im not racist but honestly brotha WTF were you doing darting out on a road going 50 then slamming your brakes on hard and going 5mph? I guess its their way of creepin or whatever the fuck they call it. i dont like rap so i dont know lol.

I have one more ride left on this tour. Tampa Florida to West Palm Beach Florida. I apologize for the lack of everything lately. Pics, blogs, routes on everytrail. Im sorry. Just been a clusterfuck of work, trying to relax, been feeling a bit under the weather lately and all of that just rolled into one has me stressed. Its 4:32am here in Tampa and today is the show. We got back to back shows this weekend. Today in Tampa and tomorrow in WPB and that ends the USA Leg of the Time Machine Tour. Then it will be off to South America for four tour dates Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Kinda going back to my phone. Well today as I made it to the hotel, I checked in under another crazy name that totally doesn’t fit with my look. I dont have to. Im not a rockstar but its fun to do. lol…I had dinner at Council Oaks Steaks. Mmmmmm. pretty good. It was near the hotel. After dinner thats when the motorcycling fiasco took place. The bike is in riding condition just no mirrors. They are getting fixed and hopefully ready for tomorrow. After Saturday ill say goodbye to the two wheels and ill be heading home for a few days where ill meet my new phone! yay!

so yeah thats basically the lowdown on my shitty week. oh and get this……I read online that the 16GB Class 2 Micro SD Card that came with my phone is supposedly bad and causes issues with my phone, SOOOOO, HTC is sending me a replacement card. A Class 4 one. I guess its a better card. Same size, BUT i get to keep the old one so ill be using that extra 16GB as storage on my netbook for movies!!! lol I have a 8GB SD Card in my netbook now and im only using about 2GBs of it so it would be nice to have a full 16 to save movies. I tend to convert movies over to MP4 format so I can watch them on the computers and on my phone. I feel lost without my phone right now. I mean its sitting next to me turned on but fucking worthless! lol

ok so im out. gonna sleep a few hours and grab some breakfast and them im off to the Ford Arena. Peace out my friends. Hopefully you are somewhere where its nice and cold because its fucking hot as fuck in this fucking country! I hate heat damnit! I want fucking cold weather now!!! SNOW, ICE, HAIL, THUNDER, HURRICANES….something…shit! lol

ok peace out!


One response to “Mishaps & Vengeance!

  1. Ok,Gill, lets switch the countries because of that heat. I would love it, it getting colder everyday more and more here in Europe, I dont like it. And by mentioning Tampa,Florida-it is the place with most lightning strike per year, interesting for photographers who like that kind of thing. I would like to live there.
    But because of hurricanes and similar natural disasters, I like where I am living right now, because we have no problems with such things at all. Nothing, nada… 8))
    Hope you get your phone asap, because loosing it seems one of bigger news today 8))
    Keep checking under funny names, just next time write which one it was 8))
    Keep rocking bro

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