Tour Break….Home!

its good to be home but stepping away from the rigors of concert touring gets to me sometimes. Im used to being up in the early AM and riding to the next city. Im used to eating at certain times and im used to being “at the office.” lol

At this point, we have completed 30 shows since June 29th. With 10 more to go in the USA and 4 in South America. I really am ready to get back on the road and just keep going. I love to travel. Too bad we wont be hitting up Europe this year. Next year though!

The Slipknot guys are releasing the new DVD. Its from Download in England. One of the last few shows Paul Gray performed. I miss him. Seems like only yesterday Paul died and when I last talked to him. Now here it is…September. Wow. The time just flies by. I think Paul’s memory is what keeps me going. Before I had no interest in continuing in this work. I just wanted to ride the motorcycle for months.

Thankfully my passion for music, the guitar and drums never faded. Well it did slightly but I recaptured my skills and my talent. Ive also decided that its been long overdue for me to seriously work on my weight and getting back down to my athletic days again. My football weight. Would make Kenpo and MMA training much easier!

So anyways….im home…relaxing until Sept 13th. Then it begins again in Boston MA. Cant wait!

Thats it for now…more to come in the next day or so!!!


2 responses to “Tour Break….Home!

  1. Glad to have you back in little break from the tour, it surely can get hard sometimes. Use your holiday wisely-do whatever heart tells you to do 8)) I read some news about Slipknot on MTV Germany, something like Corey taylor is not sure about future of Slipknot, because Paul was the spark of their best songs/hits, and now he is unsure if they are ready to amke another album. But I dont take any news about Slipknot for real, only if I hear them from official sources:you or their website.
    Keep rocking bro & enjoy 8))

  2. You mention athleticism quite often in your blog, but I thought your size was kind of required for your position? Hence, bodyguard type?

    Too bad they did not release it here in Italy yet. I need someone from CA to forward it to me.

    x x.

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