You Dont Know….

….until you have lived a day in my shoes as a touring crew member. People get this idea that the work is easy and that they could do the job better than us. Those people have come into a tour thinking they know it all beacuse they went to school for it but have never worked a day on the road in their lives and fail miserably. The reason we survive our job is because we have done it day in and day out. Add in experience and we do quite well. Its takes years to adapt to the rigors of concert touring. After your first tour you think, “god I hope I get called on another one.” Some tours are easier than others as I have stated in a past blog. Some tours travel with one or two semis while others such as this tour in particular travel with a fleet! So its not as easy.

This blog comes from a discussion earlier with a friend. Telling me that traveling by motorcycle and touring with a band isnt supposed to be hard. hmmmmmm. how? Ok let me run through a day for you……

4am up for breakfast and unload bikes
5am get on the road
5am to go knows when – riding
4pm or so – arrive at venue, check bike, grab some dinner,
5pm soundcheck
6pm final preparations
7-8pm the show begins
8pm to 11-11:30pm the show
midnight – on the bus to next city
1am – plan routes and wind down
2am or so – sleep
4am – wake up and start over again

So please anyone tell me how you would fit in any free time in that schedule? I was asked why I dont workout while on the road. How? No exercise equipment. Im not spending an hour looking for a gym in not even a member of. We dont always stay in hotels that offer gyms or workout equipment. So that is why and with time restraints.

Sure we dont have to motorcycle but even when we dont and ride on the bus you are tired from the work, the travel and everything in between. This is another reason many stars do NOT have their families on tour with them. Most only travel for a short period of time and then go back home. Outside of motorcycling or riding in the bus there is flying. Try catching a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles and see how great you feel after the flight. Better yet, Boston MA to Osaka Japan…..I bet you wont want to do anything then.


3 responses to “You Dont Know….

  1. Hi! I’m just curious…when you go on tour, do you guys travel with a doctor or some kind of medical physician? I’m guessing with all that stress, and work and not to mention weather changes, somebody’s bound to get sick at some point.

  2. honestly it depends on the artist. some artists because of their budget can afford it. in most cases local EMS is used in the event of a problem. also depending on the artist is a chef and masseuse.

  3. As I thought, you get only 2-4 hours of sleep every night, it must be very rough. I think the adrenaline keeps you awake, but after you get used to the show and the touring itself, I think the adrenaline doesnt kick always in.

    I wouldnt think about workout too, after doing all that physical stuff you do, day to day, or try keeping your meals little and more often, and do some light cardio workout, you dont need much room for-maybe pushups+burpee combination.

    Did you get the news that Corey Taylor has finished writing a book, something about 9 sins, hope it will be interesting, it is not a topic for everyone, but hey-it Corey`s for Gods sake, it must be interesting however 8))

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