The Road Never Ends

so im sitting here after a long day in Wichita. Im tired, cranky and just a plain asshole right now. I have that right to be. I mean I work all day. I am a “Working Man!” lol…..So ive been going over the plans with the guys and the miles are adding up. Over the course of the few handful of shows up to the end of the month show in Allentown PA the miles add up to an average of 2,349 miles. The rides even going by Interstates are quite lengthy. Just based on averages if I stick to the laid out plans from St Louis to Chicago in general will be 297 miles. From Chicago to Omaha through Des Moines IA will be 468 miles. From Omaha to St Paul will be around 368 miles. St Paul to Columbus OH around 753 miles. Columbus to Allentown PA is 447 miles with a stop possibly in the Weirton WV area to visit a friend and grab some DeeJay’s Ribs lol. This totals not including the trips to Syracuse NY and Holmdel NJ. So you can see the numbers add up.

Im not really complaining. I love the travel but sometimes it does get a little tiring. Im contemplating actually staying in the tour bus and just relaxing maybe a day or so between shows. Possibly from St Paul to Columbus since thats such a long haul. My mind isnt made up just yet. Im just thinking possibilities at this point. Other than that I am having a great time. Always great to meet new people out here. The fans are awesome. Much different from the wild heavy metal kids that start mosh pits and yell obscenities at the crew and others because they feel they are so much better than everyone else. Or the occasional fan that seems to think they know everything then gets mad when they are denied backstage access. As if those kids really NEED to be backstage in the first place. A friend of mine gave me a shirt a while back in Salt Lake City that reads the 10 things crew members hate to hear being asked. I will list them for your enjoyment! lol

10. Do you need anyone extra on the tour?
9. Do you have doughnuts?
8. How many trucks?
7. How long will the out take ?
6. When does the out start?
5. How long is the in?
4. Can I have a stick?
3. Can you hook me up with some picks?
2. Do I look like i don’t know what I’m doing?
1. Do we get any SWAG?

Sadly, crew hear this all the time. like #10. no we dont need any extra people on the tour. #9, no we dont eat donuts all day long asswipe lol….#8, why do you want to know how many trucks? nosey!! lol…..#7, the out will take as long as it takes if your slow and dont know your job lol……#6, the out starts when Alex, Geddy and Neil have left the stage…Pay Attention…lol…….#5, are you really asking this question?….#4, ask Lorne and probably the answer is no. im not stealing you a stick. #3, its always about you..what do i get in return for those picks? money? nope no picks for you! lol…..#2, yes you look like you dont know what your doing. go bother someone else now! lol…..#1, do i look like the SWAG master? lol. hell if I know. ask your steward! lol

So yeah take those answers with a sense of humor because if you think about it, when you get asked those questions daily it can and does get annoying. Every fan would love a stick, a pick and a photo with the band but its just not possible! Sooooo, anyways… lol. The tour break is nearing and this portion of the tour ends Sept 3rd in Holmdel NJ. I fly home sweet home on the 4th and will be there until the 13th before flying back to meet the guys at work in Boston MA. Might even leave a day earlier to see if I can meet up with my friend Rich Bissell.

As much as I would like to keep typing my thoughts, I am tired and really need to get some shut eye so its no movie night for me. Its bunk time and up early tomorrow for the ride to St Louis….home of Budweiser…..yeah that doesnt mean much to me anymore either! lol. I’d rather have a cold Guinness anyday! lol. So i bid you a great weekend and have fun. The everytrail page of my travels has been updated to my most current travel up to St Louis and the next few trips have not yet been finalized with my GPS Dumbass yet. So stay tuned if you really care to know about those routes. Pics I do have. Plenty. I dont really have a great place to post them and share except for the few on Facebook so I will leave a few teaser pics of the last run in Colorado.

Have a great weekend folks. Oh and just a quick note to the Slipknot fans on my subscription list. Slipknot is releasing a new Live DVD in September. The DVD is one of the final performances of the Late Great Paul Gray and is from Download Festival 2009. The DVD cover you will have to see at the site because the admins are being bitchy about us letting out that info in public. The disc will also feature some great footage and videos as well as “The Making Of” videos for each video featured. Will make a great addition to your Slipknot collection and a tribute to Paul. The idea I had for a DVD cover was more dark and featured Paul’s Original Pig Mask with a sweet evolution to his last and final mask. Sadly, you wont ever see that on the cover though. Also, Brenna Gray, Paul’s wife recently gave birth to October Dedrick Gray. Paul is a daddy shinning down on his sweet lil girl right now. So although Paul is gone he is not forgotten and October will be a reflection on his life. I mean, come on…..October’s middle finger ultrasound pic proves she is 100% Gray! lol….

So peace out folks…. enjoy the views….


One response to “The Road Never Ends

  1. yeah, there is much difference between the heavier music bands and these fans right now-U can spot it clearly on pics 8)) U posted on FB

    by the way-great landscape pictures, I really liked some of them, very beautiful composition and motives

    We got now the answers as well. thanks-very cool 8))

    your idea for the cover would rock-and would be great tribute for Paul, but hey…their choice was different-whatever. But looking forward and great news for that DVD, very interesting. I hope they post the Meet & Greet pics in this century if possible 8// 8))

    Ultrasound pic with midlefinger- Paul is proud 8))))))))

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