Mentally Exhausted

Over the last week, especially the last 3-4 days have been very stressful and exhausting for my physically and mentally. One would think I could never get so exhausted but I really do. I dont show it too much but sometimes I just explode into fury and I cant help but let it all out. People tend to joke with me about it as if it is something funny but when I have been taken down to about the last 1% of physical and emotion energy I just become this quiet, uncooperative and very pissy person. People that know me well know this. That cant really be helped. People should learn to read that sort of negative energy and instead of shitting on it, they should try to make someone feel better. It makes for a much nicer person. Be it me or anyone else. If someone has been stressed to the point of no return then a joke about their present state of mind does not help. So those that eventually end up on the fury-side of my mind should not be surprised when they get “served” by me. When I get to this point I can and will retaliate if someone abuses that negative energy.

Today I had someone tell me that after all the shit I went through today that I had NO reason to be angry about anything. I got in that persons face and someone that thought because they was tough and muscular I wouldnt talk shit back….well i did and I was not the least bit scared. People of larger muscle mass dont scare me and when I get pissed off no one can hurt me. I feel no pain and my strength is off the charts. I dont have problems with rage. I dont get pissy about every little thing. Yes I can but sometimes people just dont communicate well with me or tell me one thing and do another. That does tend to anger someone. Thats like saying “hey lets goto Florida for vacation,” and then ending up at the local lake! of course others will be angry. False pretenses or expectations cause people to get angry because they are made to believe one thing and then something else becomes the outcome. Im not cool with that.

I just posted on my Facebook how today was just a whacked day and that I was mentally exhausted. My friend Shawn from Montreal said, “Blame Canada” knowing we had a nice lil run of tour dates there. That immediately took me from a bad mood to a good mood. I feel so much better now that he said that and that I have blogged about it. Its now said and done!

So nothing else to write. Maybe in a few days I will post something else and a few pics. some of them i put on Facebook and some others i might post as well. Anyways, im out and thanks Shawn for the laugh!

Have a great week folks!


2 responses to “Mentally Exhausted

  1. I already asked myself what those updates on FB were all about, why U got exhausted-now I got some answers.
    You are pretty right that a person can get pissed when promised thing dont fulfill.
    It takes only simple things, few words-not even some smart-ass to make someone feel better.
    That is what someone makes good friend and person.
    Have a good ride, and fuel some energy from wherever You best can 8)))
    Hear ya

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