many that know me enough know that I do not have a problem speaking my mind about anything. In fact that’s what makes me who I am. It has made many probably not like me but you know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and im no exception. Lately, I have spoke my mind about Apple and iphones. Also World Cup and the USA team. I wont go into deep discussion but if you know me enough you know that im not an Apply fanboy and im wasn’t going for the USA in the World Cup.

My reasons for Apple is the hype. The media hype that Steve Jobs is a whore for. His phones are NOT the best on the market but Apple fanatics wont accept that. Already problems with antenna and if you follow the Cnet show Buzz Out Loud then you have heard their discussion already about the antenna issues and how Apple could have fixed this at the design stage. Instead they want to sell you a $40 case that will fix the problem…hmmmmm

With the World Cup, I just dont see the point in going for a team that doesn’t play soccer yearly. Countries like Brazil, Germany, UK, Mexico, Portugal….etc, they play soccer yearly and it is their national sport. Some of the greatest games in the history have been played in their stadiums and by those teams. The USA….nope! Its not that I dont have pride in the USA. I just dont feel the need to go for a team that doesn’t feel the need to be involved in soccer except for the World Cup. David Beckham doesn’t count America! He is British! LOL.

Anyways, thats my opinions. Most will be against me but others will be for me. In fact, earlier tonight a friend of mine that lives in Montreal posted a pic on his page about how many Americans would follow the World Cup now that the USA has been eliminated and the results are just as I figured. More people voted NO they would not continue watching the World Cup. Thats a shame. I may not understand the game but even outside of the World Cup when Mexico would play, its interesting to watch.

I dont really follow the Olympics either. Its interesting how they make these competitions worldwide so that countries can brag about who is better. Its not even that though. The USA tends to believe they are the superior country over any other in the world. They are not. America may be the land of the free but believe me its not as free as you think. It costs money to live in this country. Back in the days people criticized Russia for how the people were treated. You couldn’t do anything because you risked being arrested. You couldn’t own porn because you risked going to prison. In America its becoming the same. They want to regulate everything you do. Everything you say. You cant even have a conversation on your cell phone through text messages without the government wanting to get involved because you might be a terrorist….woooooooo!

Still though, its a nice country to live in but the government to me will stray away from democracy and more towards dictatorship. They wanted to bring down Saddam Hussein so bad yet in America they watch every little thing you say and do. Even though I am an American hispanic I like to think of America as the Nosey Country. They want to know everything going on in other countries but when other countries want to know what is going on here they want to keep a lid on it. They dont want other countries knowing what is going on here. Doesn’t seem fair no matter how you look at it.

Americans also seem to hate seeing mexicans in America yet they do all the hard labor that white America won’t do for such little pay. The mexicans will take whatever they can get for a better life! Americans also seem to treat Middle Easterners bad as well. Sure I joke around with their accent but hey let me tell you this. Middle Eastern people are some of the most devoted workers around. They may not do all the hard labor but when they do a job they do it! They run their stores and their businesses and they will do it day in and day out with what seems like no vacation. Many of them plenty of money yet they dont live in mansions or drive fancy cars whereas Americans get a high paying job and BAM there is the Mercedes Benz in the drive way and the $500,000 home. Its crazy.

Americans complain about the economy but many dont realize that they are part of the problem. Their spending habits and excessive credit card abuse bring them to outrageous debts. No one forces them to run up every card to their maximum limit and then be in debt for the rest of their lives. Its their greed.

so anyways, I have my opinions. As I stated earlier most people wont agree with me. Some will. I am entitled to my opinions and everyone that reads this is entitled to respond back with their own hateful comments. Thats fine. Thats what makes America free. Freedom of Speech. I dont have to like everything American to be an American. Hell I know people that buy nothing but foreign made cars. Doesn’t make them less of an American because they choose to buy Honda, Toyota or BMW rather than Ford and Chevrolet! Before I would get angry when others would say things against my thoughts. Ive learned to accept all comments. Im somewhat of an internet debater. I like to bring forth issues and discussions that many wouldnt think of speaking about because it allows people to speak their minds. People will comment on here and say im communist because I didnt go for the USA in the World Cup. Who says I have to go for America in the World Cup? Barack Obama? Arnold Schwarzenegger? No one! In fact in California you will see the Mexico flag flying everywhere with people going for Mexico in the World Cup. Many of those people are probably immigrants from Mexico and others are US Citizens who perhaps come from a mexican background and wish to go for their country. I went to a pub the other day and a group of guys was going for England. Hey they were British. Those same guys were going for Germany as well in their discussions. Another agreed with me about the USA. SO its just opinion.

I had one person tell me that I should get the fuck out of America if I dont like them. LOL. Yeah ok! Another said I should chill out because i was for the most part out of line. How? Its my opinion! Now if i argued with you that 2-2 was 1 and not 0 Then yeah you have a reason to get pissy with me because the answer is 0 but if i choose to not like a team I have that right. Im from Houston. I dont like the Houston Astros baseball team and I dont like the Houston Texans football team. Thats my right and if I choose to wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey to a game thats also my right. No where in law is it written in America that a person in that city, in that state in that country must go for their respective teams or they should get the fuck out.

so I will like what I like and have my opinions. You can agree with me or hate me. Thats fine. Im not going to like you or hate you any more or less. Its part of life folks and not one person in this world is equal in our thoughts yet we are equal as man; homo sapien.

People should really learn that others are not going to like the things they like and that they shouldnt get pissy about it. I always write about how I dont like Apple even though I know people like them. I post derogatory links and I also post links of interest to those people. I dont like the Twilight movies yet for my friends on Facebook that are friends I posted a few links about stories and stuff they would like. I may not always do it but I do recognize that people like the things I may not like that there is nothing wrong with that. Im not God and im not telling anyone to follow me or feel the way I do. its just my opinion and thats all it is. Take it or forget it however you choose to deal with it but dont tell me that im wrong and that I should die or get the fuck out because I dont agree with you. There are things that I like that others dont like. Thats fine. I like rock music and classical. Others dont. Im not going to say to people that if they dont like rock music and classical that they are stupid and idiots. Its just my perogative to like what I like and you like what you like! Period!



Oh and thanks to my friend Shawn, here is a pic of that very poll I mentioned earlier just so you dont think I was bullshitting!

World Cup Poll


3 responses to “Opinions…

  1. BMW/Victory Motorcycle Dork & Guitar/Drum Guru
    I like the description 8))

    England is out, Germany wins 4:1- I bet on Germany and won some money. I am Germany fan from the begining because I believe they will play it very good this year. it doesnt matter if Bosnia & Hercegovina is out. In fact they didnt go to World Cup last 12 or more years-it really doesnt matter, because I am football or like you Americans call it -soccer fan from childhood, so I watch almost every match.

    It is funny that many Americans who dont even know any rules about soccer begun to watch it-YES there it is another HYPE. If you dont believe that isnt just a hype-why so many Americans stopped watching it after USA lost the game 8))) LOL Thats bad about some opinions and some people-they follow others like sheeps just to be trendy-similar as iPhone/ Apple thing. I buy me a new (one more new) iPhone just to be trendy/in fashion-it doesnt matter that there are at least 6-7 different better and cheaper mobile phones on market. I didnt manage to follow that iPhone antenna bug-I had no time lately-but it is-as U say-just another trick to sell more additional stuff to iPhone maniacs.

    Beckham doesnt count any more in soccer as good player-he is just model in last 2-3 years and nothing more, no real football playing, and even if he played he couldnt save the England from loosing the game. He is just a promotional player/figure in USA.

    You can call USA as a land of free people who can speak their mind, but looking from outside of your country-it is attractive to live in USA as much as it is not. I believe you people really feel like in one big invisible fucking prison. You can only feel free on the roads when you ride your bike. In other situation-I would feel like every my move, word, action is followed by some government, and there are stupid laws to take away what you have and earn. It begins on airports: if I would like to travel to your country by aeroplane, I would have to pass the rigorous controls on airports. And do you know what really happened: one guy had like some disease and he had seizures or similar, and police officers beat and teasered him to death, because they fucking thought he refused to cooperate. No damn thanks, I stay where I am for now…….

  2. i agree with you. a real football fan watches any game because they love the sport. even if their favorite team lost they still watch it simply for the love of the game. of course it is everyones own perogative to watch or dont watch but for someone to call themselves a fan of the sport when they stop watching merely because their team has been eliminated is not really a fan.

    most people just argue with me but dont really stop and look at the issue at hand and see it from another perspective. its just, “you a fucking asshole Gill.” Im not an asshole, well yeah I am but its my opinion and right to have my own thoughts as it is for someone else to have theirs. I remember back in the days when women were so crazy about Nsync and the Backstreet Boys. I would dog them and tell them how the industry works and they would tell me I was full of shit and a liar. they would follow it up with something like “they will never die because they are so popular and hot…” obvious answer! I believe that some female singers are beautiful but that doesnt mean that I like their music or think that they will continue on with prosperous careers. I think many of them have reached the peak of theirs and have gone down since. Sure Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are beautiful women but their careers have not been what they once were lately. Thats ok though. they have moved on with their lives and their careers. They have achieved a level of fame that even if they stopped singing altogether they would still be in the limelight. People dog them because of the way the dress or because they have a little fat on them. thats merely the Hollywood standards speaking which has not only rubbed off on the celebrities themselves but on the average man and woman. now women are on this constant voyage to be skinny. A woman can weigh 108 pounds yet she still believes she is too fat. That is bullshit but thanx to Hollywood they get this shit braindamaged into their heads.

    Anyways, going back to football….i agree with what you said about David Beckham. He is more about being a model figure than a football player now. America associates him with the sport and they believe they are a soccer country now because he plays for a california team. So even though he may be living and playing here in the USA right now, he is one thing the USA cannot claim as their own no matter how much they bitch and whine about it. He is British and always will be.

    you mentioned about coming to america by airplane. He is what I think. America is on a quest to get terrorists yet they let people from terrorist countries come into America freely. I think its their own fucking fault for letting this happen to begin with. Of course if they choose to let immigrants from other countries come to America like British, Japanese, Canadians, Germans, Middle Easterns, etc…then by god what is the fucking problem with letting Mexicans into America? I think America sees Mexicans as dirty filthy people and they dont want them here in America yet White America loves everything about Mexico. They love the food, the culture, the women, the vacation spots….just not the people….thats a damn shame that the people that really build America into the reality it is are rushed away by people. Sure some white man can make plans for a building in downtown but its the mexicans that do the hard labor that build those buildings alongside others. so everytime I hear a story about a bus of mexicans being sent back to mexico it pisses me off because for every bus load of mexicans that leaves this country, more and more middle easterners, africans, british, japanese…etc come into this country with no problems. I also find it funny that other countries are so cautious about us coming to their countries yet they bitch when we are the same way with them coming to ours. When I went to Dubai with Stone Sour I had people at the airport giving me shit and people following me like I was a fucking terrorist. Im not their nationality im no terrorist yet if they pissed me off enough I would have gone off on all of them. I dont take shit from people lol….

    security in airports is mandatory I understand but i believe its gotten out of hand. a frequent flyer businessman that is constantly traveling for his work is not a terroristic threat he is simply traveling for his job. A man that comes in from Afghanistan is a threat. Who’s to say he isnt working for Bin Laden? How many times have you seen the average hispanic male hijack a plane? you dont! We would rather be downing beers on the plane or at home, not hijacking your flight…….

    so my question is this….if I am watching the movie Airplane on a plane and the scene comes up where the doctor says, “no not a buh, a bomb” am I going to be arrested because of that stupid little funny line? I bet they sure would!!!

    Kinda like the problem with teenagers sending nude pics on their phones in america. A teen male gets thrown in jail for having a pic of his teen girlfriend naked on his phone and he gets labeled as a sex offender….Why? First off the GIRL took the pic willingly and sent it from HER phone and HER parents are the ones that bought HER the phone to begin with so if anyone should be held liable for that its the parents. I mean until kids are 18 in America they are considered minors so during that time I would expect that the parents would be responsible for whatever actions their kids take until they are legal.

  3. the good thing about USA is the it is one of the most modern countries, specially from a perspective of someone who lives in post war country, even after 15 years. But I never forget that I feel more free here then I would ever be in USA or similar countries.

    Lets just face the fact that many Americans are racist, specially towards minorities, no matter how much they pretend not to be. Even after Obama was elected, it is just not something you can erase immediately-the world needs few more generations for such changes.
    Your opinion is pretty good, smart, and right-from worldwide point of view, it is universal and true. Only persons who are obviously too much arrogant to even start to think that someone could be right except of them, will simply and fast stamp you with sentence like: FU & your opinion asshole Gill. I would not give a fuck about them, would not even waste time arguing or trying to explain them something, and sometimes it is funny to me and really interesting that you do 8)))

    It is really shame that Americans refuse to accept Mexicans as really big and important part of their not just culture-but living and everyday life. I dont have anything against anyone-not Africans, Japanese or anyone-I think if someone wants to come to a country to work for money, so fucking let him do it, for gods sake the planet Earth belongs to every human being. The same thing about borders around my country-I live in a country whos citizens still need visas to go to another country-it is such unimportant part of anyones traveling-that it just makes me sick and I loose the will for traveling just by thinking about it. I hope Americans dont succeed in builiding the coast to coast border to Mexico, so any Mexican will be able to cross illegally the border and works for oneself or her/his family in Mexico, and starts new better life if possible. I hope USA gets more full of MExicans, just because 8)))) Why do ignore someones work-just because fat American guy/girl feels bad about sitting at home, watching TV and doing nothing. It is the easiest way-that is maybe the real reason Americans hate Mexicans or anyone other-because they work hard like Eastern people you talked about-while someones sits doing nothing.

    You would have problems in Dubai if you talked shit-they would cut your finger or something else 8))) for talking shit and attacking them, one more or less American guy killed/kicked to death in Arabian countries 8))) they dont take shit too-specially from American people, even if they have Mexican roots 8)) and even if they are right 8))

    another stupid example of the security at airports: a mother had to drink their own breast milk just to prove that it is not a dangerous substance, even after giving it to drink to her baby 8)) how stupid is that… or or or…many many thing… like that new scanner that scans you fucking naked 8)) what about right to privacy-yeah what happened about the most fundamental rights in this world. I dont blame USA, I hate what happened and think it is the wrongest thing that could happen-I talk about the attacks in USA, but it is not just the right way to solve the problem and situation.
    This years, maybe these 10-20 years are transitory years-and after that you will clearly know if you will be arrested just for watching something that is connected to things that someone doesnt think they are good-like a sentence from a movie, or religion you šrefer. I hope thing do not end like that-I believe people will refuse and it wont happen. Even if it happens it wont last long-people wont take it. Even if it is happening right now-it is only acceptable because it is not really widespread, not in such big dimensions that can be noticed everyday-so it can happen like that, but if it becomes bigger, like bigger restrictions of personal freedom and rights, people will refuse it and fight against it.

    Many many examples, imagine you receive someones nude pic wrongly over net or mobile phone and you get arrested. Guilty until proven innocent-just you are he one who wastes his time and money and friends and nerves on proving you are right-not the system. 8)))

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