not much to talk about really. Last night I watched what was to me a great Game 7 between the Lakers and the Celtics. The defenses were just dominating and keeping the score low. One of the lowest scoring Finals games. Many congrats to Phil Jackson and the entire Lakers team for winning another title. Also congrats to the Boston Celtics for their awesome effort. Both teams proved just why they deserved to be in the NBA Finals. That was proven last night and througout the 7 game series.

I have a swollen ankle today. Dont know why. didnt do alot of walking. thanks to aleve its going away. Its nice to be back home in the comfort of my own bed but not for long! LOL……The road calls again….

will write more later….lots going on right now. tweeting, catching up on FIFA, chatting with a friend and other crap lol….have a great weekend folks! Good golf, good tennis, good sex, or whatever makes you happy! lol

Just a random pic……..


Random Crap


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