A New Motorcycling Journey Begins Soon…..

This past week has brought many thoughts into my mind. I have made the decision to NOT go on the next tour run. Instead with the death of Paul my mind has been racing with emotions. If you know me well enough those emotions drive me to travel by motorcycle for extended periods of time.

I am planning another trip but not sure just yet where to go. I was thinking of some new routes in Europe maybe. My mind really isnt in work mode at the moment. I dont want to touch any instruments or anything. Playing guitar and drums the last few days and being back at home just doesn’t have that spark as it once did. I remember a few years ago I went almost 3 years without picking up a guitar and strumming a chord and nearly 4-5 years without picking up drumsticks. Once I felt I had my life back on track I was able to do so again and freely enjoy it. Now this total emptiness has overcome me. Of course we all get over a death of a friend or loved one but sometimes it takes us longer to get back to doing the things we enjoy.

When I travel by motorcycle I take the roads least traveled when possible. i like to be alone and to myself. It makes for thinking and enjoying the scenery better. Right now i just want to think where I want to go. Places ive been to or maybe be more adventurous and hit up new places. Some of my friends think im just feeling way to hurt. Well I am hurt. Of course there are the good memories and the funny moments that always bring a smile to your face but that final moment is just the worst pain ever.

So with that said, I dont know where im going just yet. I know im pulling out the GPS: Dumbass and ready to program it no matter where i decide to go. Honestly, its too fucking hot in America so I would like a place with a much cooler climate.

We shall see. If you dont hear from me in a while just look for my updates on FB and a few blogs here and there. You can always drop me a line at slipknot9tech@outsidethenine.com

Thanks my friends and I will talk to you all soon!


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