Why I Choose Windows Based Systems Over Apple

….besides the fact that I think Steve Jobs is a money hungry asshole that keeps releasing next generations of the same crap with a few updates is bullshit. When you buy a Windows based PC or laptop you can upgrade and install security updates or whatever you like. Same with Linux. With Apple MACs you are strictly limited to their products and peripherals. Upgrading is a hassle because apple doesnt want you to use anything but their upgrades and accessories.

As a Windows desktop/laptop user I can choose how I want my system. I can install whatever kind of video card and memory I wish. I can run a never ending barrage of programs. I can fix up my system the way I want it. With MACs your fucked. Sure they look neat and have that stupid Apple logo on them lit up so everyone knows you are an Apple fanatic. Thats just stupid. You dont see Windows based computers with lit up Microsoft logos. As a Windows user I have full control over what I use. I can install any brand of video card I wish. Gigabyte, Asus, ATI, Nvidia…etc…I can easily install more RAM. With a MAC good luck! I recently replaced a hard drive in a friends MAC. That shit is fucked up. Literally had to unscrew shit and then fight with this lever or whatever it was to release the drive. It was fucked up. Forget about upgrading the RAM. Your going to have to take the entire thing apart. WIth a standard Windows based laptop you simply flip it over, unscrew the one screw and remove the cover. Insert new RAM and your fucking done! Easy and takes less than a minute.

People claim that Bill Gates is trying to corner the market. How? That would be Steve Jobs! He wants people to purchase his over priced crap and on top of that you have to pay even more money to upgrade it and you are limited to Apple upgrades. Fuck that! Basically its like buying a Mercedes. When you go to get the oil changed you dont take it to your local mechanic shop where Hector works. No, you take it to a Mercedes Benz dealership where they charge you a couple hundred dollars to do so. Ridiculous.

My cousin was asking me some stuff about Apple the other day. I noticed on their website that it says download the new firmware now. WTF!!! My cousin already paid $400+ for his ipod touch and now Steve Jobs wants him to pay more money to download a fucking update.. Thats fucked up man.

You know what else irks me about Apple products? Their customers! These fucktards act like their Apple gadgets are the best thing to hit the earth. Since when do you ever see a person showing off their Blackberry while listening to music or answering a call? Never. They use the damn device and put it away. iPhone users are like fucking kids with their phones. To them it is NOT a phone but an IPHONE. Ever heard and iPhone user on their coveted device? I heard a girl once say, “ill call you back in a few minutes on my iPhone” bitch its a fucking phone. call it a phone! You dont have to refer to it as an iPhone! When I am using my Blackberry I dont tell someone, “yeah man ill call you back in 15 minutes on my Blackberry. Frankly who gives a frogs fat ass what phone you have. Stop showing off your god damn phones and treat it as a damn phone. Its not God or Allah…its a fucking electronic device. What else bugs me is their apps. Seriously, an app to level something…Give me a mother fucking break man. If i paid $600 for a fucking phone im not going to use it as a god damn leveling device. What’s next? The Shit App? Tells you when to schedule your shits!

You see Steve, maybe your fantics think your products are the shit and that they are built better and their software is better. So the fuck what? People say Apple is the DOMINANT system in the world. OK Sherlocks if Apple is the DOMINANT system builder then why is it that 160 out of 200 people have a Windows based PC? Exactly because people would rather use Windows an operating system that is easier to use and let me tell you this…..Windows based PCs are not prone to viruses like you all think. I use a Windows based PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and same with my laptop. I do NOT get viruses and I know how to care for my systems. Its the idiots that have poor surfing habits that are prone to viruses that get them. So dont go off saying that Windows is crap because of viruses. My system boots up and shuts down faster than fuck and it does everything I want it to. It doesn’t have some goofy ass logo on it. I built my system. Based on the specs of my system and a MAC unit I bet if my system were a MAC it would have cost me about $2800 or so. Instead I built this thing myself for under $600…Done!

So Apple gadget users keep enjoying you over priced shit. Dont worry Steve Jobs will just release a new generation of the crap you just bough so you get all pissed off and return it for the newest one. Yeah he loves releasing like 8 versions of the same crap so you die-hard idiots keeps spending your money on the same thing. While your at it, keep putting your iPhones and ipod touches in people faces because you think you are the coolest cat on the earth and im not. I couldnt care less about your stupid gadget. Catch me on a bad day and ill rip it out of your hands and break the son of a bitch in front of you.

So yeah, I hate your apple products. Always have and always will. People will never learn. They will just keep feeding into to the Apple craze. You know that whole lost iPhone crap was to draw up more buzz about a new phone so that people will start talking about the iPhone again and wet their panties over the release of a new one. If you actually stand in line to purchase one of these devices every single time they come out then you are fucked! Plain and simple! Nothing is worth all that. Steve, why dont you start selling the iToilet! Yeah a toilet that plays music and videos and has a touch screen interface with colorful icons that any fanatic of yours will love. Hell even include a fucking webcam for the sick bastard that wants to send his girlfriend a pic of him on the can! Dont forget the toilet paper with little Apple logos. You can just charge people $400 per new roll of paper and every month come up with a new generation of toilet paper with different Apple logos….yeah there you go…..Sadly, you probably have a fucking iToilet at home right now…….

Bill Gates, thank you for making Windows and thanx to companies like Gigabyte, Asus, Nvidia, ATI, and others for making selections for upgrades easy. Steve, congratulations on making 99% of Americans your gadget whores. Especially women and teen girls. They love you.

3 responses to “Why I Choose Windows Based Systems Over Apple

  1. that comparsion with Mercedes is funny -….where hector works hahaha !! Overprised, less functions, less software & hardware. I really dont get it why people use it at all-yes some cool look and some cool functions, but I am not crazy to pay for iPad-and every notebook is cheaper and better. Its even pointless to talk about Apple, fuck it…… I see U like to bitch about all that-and U are right-this is the second or third time, and I know U wont stop until Apple is ruined or still selling anything-soooo….. hahaha I am glad to read it, cause everything is right. As I mentioned once before-U dont fucking buy a lifestyle buying an Apple product, U buy a piece of hardware/software and then U get do something with it and cretae something-thats the purpose of using computers. I remember your story about some dude spilling some coffee over Apple laptop, right?-or something like that-he was sooo upset…. I call U on my Samsung d900i LOL/iBlackberry. I thought this hyoe would be/and probably will be over after this iPad-fail. But consider this too-Windows is releasing new OS every year, just to push up the sales-specially before New Year-when people search to buy for some cool stuff/gadgets-I would never buy an unfinished product like Vista/Win7 who crashes or stops responding after an update. My XP runs very stable and secure-and only diference everyday 90% of Windows user notice is the shiny new surface-look of Win7 with few cool usability functions-I can achieve that with few programs on my XP too (some shell managment tools and so on…). And about Apple-why would anyone be interested how the new generations of iPhone looks like- did U get the story about gizmodo.com and the leaked iPhone by some drunk Apple-worker-come on, spare me those fairytales, who is so stupid to believe in it?

    Funny crazy entry-thank you

  2. oh yeah! i read that gizmodo story. i think it was fake. if it wasnt then apple made a really big deal out of something stupid. thats what they get for letting someone carry around a prototype if it really was lost on accident! lol

    i will stick with my Windows systems. So far no issues with Windows 7 Ultimate on my system. Running smooth. I got it running in 64-bit mode. My system isnt the most current up to date but I am running a AMD Athlon x2 64 5000 @ 2.6Ghz with 4GB of DDR2 PC6400 800MHz. 500GB SATA HDD and im using a 4GB Kingston Flash Drive dedicated to Ready Boost. I have only 256MB for Video RAM but I dont do gaming. My system is running very well. Im looking to build a new system soon with a new Gigabyte motherboard. The new ones have 12 USB ports and they are USB 3.0. Dual PCI-E slots is a plus.

    I took a huge plunge to install Win 7 because I have been a faithful XP user since the day it came out. I bought XP Home when it first came out. Then I got the system builder discs and got Professional and just got a Key.

    I think the new system I build might be off the new Intel Core i7. Im impressed with the performance of that Proc. Gonna get me a 800Watt PS or so

  3. yeah for all that stuff a big power supply is surely needed-the only thing I changed so far on my PC for 2 times are power supplies-they burnt out-they damage easily, and I buy me regulary new HDDs-no more DVDs.That 3.0 USB sounds cool-much more speed then 2.0,and I am not into gaming too,but video processing needs lot of RAM too,specially graphic memory-I only have 128MB-yeah I have to buy me better machine once too 8))

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