GPS Dumbass Does It Again

Sometimes I get so caught up with the beauty of nature that I forget to pay attention to the signs and the GPS. If you know by now I call my GPS Dumbass for its uncanny way of taking me to strange places! So earlier this morning after my cup of hot coffee. Rather 3 I might add….I felt like I had missed the turn-off for I-80. Sure enough after a smoke break and a bottle of water it was true….Dumbass was actually leading me to a private drive-way…Figures! lol….I love the GPS but sometimes it is really a dumbass. Hence the name folks. So I pulled out my trusty map and used my Bear Grylls skills and realized I was only about 14 miles off course. Sooooo, i turned around and headed back to the turn-off. Of course not before taking my usual middle of the road pics and another bottle of water. I mean I am really in no rush. I said RUSH! LOL Matter of fact I was listening to Rush: Snakes and Arrows Live at the time. Thanx Alex, Geddy and Neil for making me lose concentration! LOL just kidding

So I am stopped right now for some lunch. Hamburger steak smothered with lots of gravy and onions. mmmmmm Carmelized onions! A huge ass root beer and some mac and cheese and green beans. A meal fit for a king….or a traveling musician/tech/motorcyclist. lol So for now I bid you all farewell as I pay my bill and head back on the open road. California is in my sights by tomorrow. I think I am going to hit up the Loneliest Road In America….yes again…..I love that stretch of road folks….

Ok peace out….GPS Dumbass wont be set to quickest way just yet, well it was earlier…


One response to “GPS Dumbass Does It Again

  1. Gill, U are into the RUSH 8))
    but in no hurry 8))
    GPS can be a very useful and good thing. I even had competition with a GPS device when Eva was in Sarajevo. The result is undecided 1:1.
    King is the better description for U 8))
    Thxxx, good drive 8))

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