MMMMmmm Enchiladas: A Recipe From Gill Grylls

This is actually a recipe from an old place that used to be open when I was a kid and moved to Richmond TX. This was originally posted on my Facebook page.


Only those from Fort Bend County TX would remember the ol’ Richmond Drive-In and those damn delicious enchiladas. WELL…

I got the recipe and im going to post it on here according to the measurements they used in the restaurant back in the days. So just adjust the ingredients and amounts to however much you plan to make if you decide to try these.

Soooo here it goes….

(Photo attached is not this product. Just a general shot)

Ingredients: (based on what the sheet says)

Flour – Bulk Net Wt. 24 oz / Reduced Net Volume 5 oz

Paprika – Bulk Net Wt. 5.5 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1 oz

Cumin – Bulk Net Wt. 5.5 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1 oz

Chili Powder – Bulk Net Wt. 7 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1 1/4 oz

Salt – Bulk Net Wt. 1 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1/4 oz

Pepper – Bulk Net Wt. 1 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1/4 oz

Minced Garlic – Bulk Net Wt. 2 oz / Reduced Net Volume 1/2 oz

Beef Chili Meat – Bulk Net Wt. 10 lbs / Reduced Net Volume 2 lbs

** Use American Processed Cheese like the Deluxe or Velveeta Cheese

** Looks like it says to use 48 oz of water to make the enchilada sauce . Can’t tell its slightly faded

Says to bake on 350 for 15 minutes till cheese bubbles

Ohhh and dont forget the onions if you like em…..

yeah so thats the recipe….im gonna have to try this.

Im sure you can figure the ingredients measurements to make a smaller batch…

if you try it let me know how they come out!


Gill Grylls

Mmmmm Enchiladas


6 responses to “MMMMmmm Enchiladas: A Recipe From Gill Grylls

  1. What happened to the restaurant? My family used to drive forever to get there and it was well worth it. That’s where I learned to love Mexican food. Did they move?

  2. Mindy, Richmond Drive-In closed years and years ago. I know I was still in middle school or so I think when it did. Same with me, that is where I learned about mexican food besides what my family would cook!

  3. I grew up in Richmond, TX and these enchiladas are the best ever!!! Do you have the recipe for their Fried Bell Pepper Rings??? I’ve re-opened Ms. Agnes’ Old Trading Post in Booth, TX. It is called “The Old Trading Post” My email is and the website is

    • i wish i did. i came across the enchiladas recipe from a lady i know in Richmond. I live in Los Angeles now. I can ask and see if she might have it. i know she has tons of old recipes. Congrats on opening up the OTP again. Wish you much success!

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