Happy Late Easter or Whatever from the Road

Hello my friends! Sooo how are the fuck are you? lol…..Well for me its been a nice weekend. Started off the trip with a ride from home in Malibu to Lake Tahoe. Was a peaceful stretch. Nothing new except a few roads i detoured on. Nothing new for me. I ended up in Lake Tahoe late. Around 9pm and checked into my room. Excellent shot from my room window of the lake. I spend the weekend here rather than continue on to Yellowstone National Park as I had planned. Thats ok though because my room at the Ol’ Faithful Inn was booked for Tuesday so I have plenty of time to get there. About 850 miles. Not bad. I can do that in a day depending on the traffic and weather.

So hopefully you all had a happy easter or whatever it is you may celebrate. If nothing then thats cool too! I really dont care about holidays. As a ghost rider I just care about having fun and traveling. Really felt good to get back on that open road again and see the sights of the USA. I heard there was a 6.9 scale earthquake back home but little damage was done. My neighbor called me and told me it wasnt much but a lil rumbling. So thats good to hear. Sunday was full of fun. Had lunch and dinner with other travelers enjoying the lake. The hotel had a feast and we all dug in! I met this guy and his wife from Wyoming that decided to get away. An older couple. They asked me why i was traveling alone. I told them I didnt have a family and that I was just a traveler on two wheels. They asked me about my travels. I guess it interests people to hear about where a lone traveler has been. I met a few women too. Yeah I added a few numbers to my Blackberry lol. Not a bad set of women either lol. I guess for me I still feel too fat to meet women and these two I met were total mother fucking knockouts. One of them i started talking to and the other just approached me. She said I had that “come talk to me” look. Well lets see I had on jeans with my brown skechers shoes and a casual button shirt that says South Sea Tiki Lounge. lol….

So anyways, attached is a rough draft of a route im gonna take to Yellowstone. I might make a few road detours knowing me! Depends…Actually was thinking of hopping onto 93/I-80 in Wells and heading to Salt Lake City again and hit up the Red Rock Brewery again. The got some insane soups and beer!! lol So honestly thats probably the route I will most likely take. I thought about heading to Boise Idaho to maybe meet up with my friend Rachael but thats kinda backtracking for me and I dont really want to put myself in a situation that I dont make my goal in time and lose my room reservations.

If your wondering about my P90X, yes I am still on it and I have all the DVDs ripped to my external drive I carry with me and i just hook it up to my laptop and use VLC media player to open the ripped folders. God I could go for a damn drink right now. Im thirsty as a mother fucker!! I really should be getting to bed because im leaving around 7am and i really am tired. I still got those hot chicks on my mind. One of them was back here in my room earlier. Yeah, did the wild thang….I mean come on I am a man and I have sexual desires and she was willing. So hey with protection whats wrong with two consenting adults having a good fuck?!? I spent too many years wallowing away in my sorrows over my ex-girlfriend I will call “Shelly” and I just got tired of it. I guess even as a bigger guy I am still quite the ladies man when I wanna be and dress up nice. Earlier for dinner I sported my jeans and adidas shoes with a sports jacket. Oh yeah the ladies were lookin. Not laughing….looking. I sort of felt like Huey Lewis in that video “I Wanna New Drug” when he is sportin the dress jacket while he goes onstage. Hell yeah man.

So anyways thats the recap of my last few days on the road. Good travels, excellent cold weather as you all know I love me some cold ass snowy weather and of course good food and company. The night of hot sex with a beautiful blonde with green eyes was the icing on the cake for this holiday/trip. Not to mention she texted me and said, “round 2?” LOL….now thats some funny shit! I said sure and she said I wish but I have to get to sleep. She was heading with friends back to Las Vegas area where she lives. I will surely be making a B-Line to Vegas to hook up with her again im sure. Nothing like having a hoe calling your room at 7am asking if you want “company” lol…

So until next time, probably meaning Tuesday or so I bid you farewell and I promise to keep you all updated and post some pics of the trip. Mostly on here or my Flickr page. From the hundreds of pics I take I usually just try to pick the best of the bunch but thats fucking hard! When I take pics I use all my cameras. Blackberry camera, my LG Dare has a pretty awesome camera, my Nikon D40 SLR, and a Sony Cybershot…Yeah I never can say I dont have a mother fucking camera with me! LOL…..This survivalist/ghost rider is prepared! Oh and yeah I DID enter the Bear Grylls contest to be on a future episode with Bear Grylls on Man Vs Wild…..Ive done some pretty wild shit out in nature and pics to prove it so thats what I used as my story. Only thing that might X me is that I dont look like a god damn skinny soldier. lol BUT Bear knows im qualified!! lol

So peace out until Tuesday or so and I will get to my emails and such Monday afternoon or so. I just checked my inbox and UGH…..so peace out mofos and I really wish I could be hooking up with Eva and Denis this month on the 23rd for their lil meet up. Dont know if they are meeting up in Slovenia or Bosnia but would be cool!

OK OK im out…sleepy time….ZZZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzzz

oh yeah and here is that map but remember im prolly taking that detour I mentioned…

Lake Tahoe to Yellowstone route


2 responses to “Happy Late Easter or Whatever from the Road

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  2. who the fuck was I during holidays-learning whole time 8))
    “come talk to me” look hahaha OR maybe wanna be laid look OR maybe get the fuck out my face look OR I dont belong here OR or or who the fuck are U look…….8)))
    very cool about your dedication to complete the P90X training programm-just keep on going.
    The wild thang 8))- thing-too personal, too much informations 8)))……. while some people spend their live learning-some spend living it
    I hope U see a UFO and because U always have a camera U will probably be the first motherfucker who recorded it on proper way and not the shaky videos 8))
    Great that u participate in that contest-I thinkit shouldnt be about how U look-most of people arent looking as superstars-so U are a prototype of a average Joe who needs skills to survive-the Man vs Wild and similar survival shows are about Average Joes not Brad Pitt surviving in some 100$ millions movie -and by the way Brangelina were here visitng Sarajevo and soem UNHCR camp for homeless people-and I got some exclusive pics over the mail of them visiting some hotel,eating and taking picture with the hotel owner.Eva was joking and aksed me: Who is stalker now??-thats the greatest story during this Easter holidays 8))
    Eva is coming to Bosnia with her parents and will meet me in my town capital city of BiH-Sarajevo-and when I have time once I will got to Slovenia. My planed trip in this year is the concert of Metallica in zagreb on 15.05.2010. and later maybe to Serbia when I have time,and 2-3days to Adria for lil swimming…

    Keep rocking Gill

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