Football Sunday Ends Great!

I love it! The Dallas Cowboys win the NFC East. Surely they always have problems against the Philly Eagles but earlier this year they managed to beat the Eagles. I think if they keep playing decent football they can beat the Eagles next week in Cowboys Stadium for a chance at Green Bay or Arizona. I think thats right. Dallas may not go much farther but they did play a much better season this year. I grew up watching Dallas so i stick with them.

Today the shitty ass mother fucking Houston Texans somehow managed to win against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Mostly because it doesnt matter for the Patriots. They are already in the playoffs no matter what. Houston seems to think they won the fucking super bowl. The fans probably jumping up and down like idiots because they won and they figured they would be in the playoffs. Well, the New York Jets ended their dreams! LOL Oh man you dont know how much I LOVE this!! I HATE THE HOUSTON TEXANS!! I should be the President of their hatred fan club!

So the Texans are OUT of the playoffs and I am sure their fans as well as the players are home crying and pissed off! LOSERS never get anywhere Texans! Fans, your team sucks donkey balls. They will NEVER goto a super bowl because they are pussy ass football players that cant handle the slightest injury. People keep saying the Texans have the #1 this and the #1 that….well that doesnt mean SHIT if your team cant win games and get into post-season contention!!! LOL….i could be the greatest guitar player in the world but if i never proved myself to others I would never get noticed….The Texans never prove anything but how much losers they are. They speak of playoffs and super bowl before the season begins. They are already selling tickets for next years season before this one was even officially over for them!!! Thats the problem with them. They dont take it one game at a time. They think because they win one game they are going to the super bowl. They think because they get one player that played in a previous super bowl that they are going to the big game but no!!

Then come the fans. They love the Texans when they are winning but hate them when they are losing. My father was always a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. even if they had a losing season he was a fan. He didnt care. That was his team win, lose or draw. fans dont know the true meaning of being a fan. They just go for the team when they see it fit! Like tail-gating parties. Thats just another excuse for the fattest state in america to drink more beer and consume more food!! They also claim they have the best tail-gating parties in the NFL. YEAH RIGHT MOTHER FUCKERS! Green Bay, Pittsburgh….etc…those teams have way better parties!! Those are die-hard fans! Lets put it this way. When Houston had the Oilers people claimed they were die-hard fans yet Randall’s grocery stores and other businesses would have to buy the tickets left just so they would show them on TV because their so-called fans were not buying tickets to the games!!! LOL

SOOOOOOOOO…i dont care who goes to the super bowl or wins it. I dont care if Dallas wins or loses. I just care that the Houston Texans once again are LOSERS! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…..Texans fans I really dont care if you threaten me…Your guns, boots, spurs or whatever dont scare me…Dont forget to buy a box of kleenex when you hit up walmart again or on your next fast food run!! LOL LOL LOL

yes i am an asshole when it comes to Houston teams. The Houston Astros suck too. Oh just wait til baseball season starts! Rockets, Aeros and Dynamo deserve recognition!!! They at least have good teams and have been to league championships and won!!!


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