Hello People, Whaaaat’s Happening?!

in my Bill Lumburgh voice for the title of this blog! As always, this was originally posted to Slipknot1/Outsidethenine blog

nothing really to say besides…..whats up?

Sitting here watching some Jeff Dunham DVDs because that dude is funny. Also got some Caddyshack, Coming to America, RAW, Full Metal Jacket, The Manhattan Project and my all-time favorite……OFFICE SPACE!

so its a movie day today!

other than that, nothing!

so peace out and ttyl


One response to “Hello People, Whaaaat’s Happening?!

  1. like movies too, of course. you could sit down together with my real brother, he also watched few more movies in last weeks then me, I was busy with some PC stuff 8)) it was too much loosing 2hours everyday-even on holidays with movies with IMDB rating 5-7. From now on I watch just blockbusters with few/some exceptions- If the IMDB rating is above 7.5 then you are guaranteed to pick up a watchable movie, and you wont regret your time afterwards 8)))

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