The Key of Q

It never fails as a touring guitar tech to be asked “what tuning does such and such tune their guitars to?” Its a question every guitar tech from Scary Larry to myself has been asked…..I never knew what to say besides, “about 3 or 4 different ones man.” Then Larry told me, “just tell them they tune to Q.” LOL…So now when people ask me about what tuning the guitars are at I always tell them, “they tune to Q man.” Meant as a joke and sometimes a way to get some annoying people away from me. Not all are annoying. So dont think im saying you people are annoying. Just some are persistent and ask a million questions as if im there to do a magazine interview for them! LOL

So if you ask this question and you hear “the key of Q man,” then its prolly best to laugh at it and leave it alone. Annoying a tech is not a wise decision!! So thats about it. Just a funny lil tidbit I figured I would throw in. I know Denis will probably get a good laugh at this!! LOL….I always do!!


2 responses to “The Key of Q

  1. yes you are totally right, I find it great!! A type of an inside joke LOL! only chosen ones get it. Me and my brother have 10-20 inside jokes we use for few years and every year we get some new- depending on situations we get in, or many are from TV or movies. Some people can be annoying-only thing you can do is to confront them with such a hilarious nonsense 8))) hear ya my internet bro 8))) stay cool as always

  2. i knew you would like this lol. i try to say it to people without sounding like an asshole. so when they ask they really think im just saying a really bad joke lol

    works out well for me!!

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