Joey Jordison Hospitalized but Doing Ok

The Auburn show was cancelled which unfortunately lead to the Kennewick show being cancelled as well.

Joey is doing ok and hopes all the Maggots will understand the reason for canceling the shows. Joey will be recovering from his ailments. Please understand the band did NOT want to cancel and was very difficult for Corey to make the announcent. Slipknot will tell you that they are not Slipknot without all members of the band and with Joey as a key member no one can just come in and replace him for the show.

Slipknot asks that fans in Seattle and Kennewick please understand the reason for the cancellation and as always Slipknot will make up the shows to you.

To send Joey your thoughts and love visit his official Slipknot1 page at

Once again the bands apologies to you all. Keep your tickets as dates to re-schedule will be announced very soon!


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