France/Portugal/Spain: The Final Euro Ride Stretch

about to leave from Belfort to Lisbon. The entire ride is just over 1,000 miles or 1,628km. Its going to be a scenic trip! I should finish this trip in two days. I am riding from here to Bordeaux and settling in there unless I make great time then I will go farther. In the USA I can ride 1000 miles easy in an entire day into the evening. Here I am not sure what to expect. I will hit up some fast speeds once I get out in the open. If possible I would even ride as far as Madrid but I really would like to take it easy. So most likely will goto Bordeaux and rest up then get back on the road early the next morning for Lisbon. Here is my route by cities listed below. I hope I spelled all the city names correctly! lol

Dijon France
Chalon sur Saone France
Lyon France
Saint Eitenne France
Clermont-Ferrand France
Bordeaux France
Donostia Spain
Burgos Spain
Valladolid Spain
Segovia Spain
Madrid Spain
Talavera De La Reina Spain
Caceres Spain
Badajoz Spain
Lisbon Portugal

From Lisbon I will ride back to Madrid going through the same cities upon arriving in Lisbon. Then from Madrid I will head to Zaragoza then Barcelona. From there I fly back home. Much needed rest and some time to go through my pics and experiences in hoeps to post more on here through blogs, as well as on my personal blog page. I will keep in touch over the next few days!


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