Hiking the Trails @ Brazos Bend State Park

So I decided to take a short trip to the park. Being back in Fort Bend County I had been wanting to go and figured why not take a drive there. It was a hot day. around 88 degrees when I got there. got up to about 95 degrees by the time I was leaving. It was a nice sunny day and a good one for some hiking on the trails. I stopped for some cans of tuna and some water before heading to the park. It was 5 dollars to get in for the day.

I got to my first stop which is the first fishing pier area. There was a bus of schools kids from Ft Bend ISD there. They was younger. Playing on the playground! lol…. I sat there for a bit listening to some Chopin and planning which trails I wanted to walk. I didnt wanna walk too much since I didnt have my hiking boots on but I was going to do some of the smaller trails. Once I downed a can of tuna and drank some water I was off on the trail. It was nice and peaceful. I ran across two snakes but they was not near the trail. I could see them off to the side. They was coiled up just laying there. I walked farther and took a few detours on the trail which led to other smaller trails. Then I went back to the main trail and around 40 Acre Lake then back to the fishing pier. Saw an alligator in the water but not near the banks of the lake. More in the middle of it. You could hear the bullfrogs and the birds. Very nice and serene views and the sounds were to me soothing. I made my way back to the car and went down the road to where the George Observatory is located. I took a few road pics along the way. Last time I remember going down this long stretch of road I was still in high school and was with my parents. There was an alligator on the road and we had to stop to allow it to move or just turn back. So I parked near the Nature Center and across from the walkway to the observatory. Its a nice shady area. I read the info on Creekfield Lake and the trail. I followed the trail and small bridge over the lake and to where the observatory is and snapped a few shots. Then i followed the trail around. VERY peaceful. I ran across some squirrels and a few raccoons. The trail was quite shady and there was a cool breeze going through. Felt very nice. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt but the breeze was very comforting. I came to the first observation area which consisted of a small pier where you can look out across the lake and into the water. Birds are everywhere. Very quiet and nice! I continued around the lake on the trail. Stopping only in key areas where signs were posted to read them and snap a pic or two.

I made it back to the pathway and back to the car and the trail is only half a mile long but well worth the short distance walk. I had been thinking if I should walk more trails or just wait until another day when I am wearing proper shoes and maybe some shorts. I decided to wait until next time. Probably would go back before I leave town. I really want to walk the northern trails totaling 5 miles which reach out to serene quiet areas of the park where there is no human interaction. For now though I decided to take the drive around to Hale Lake and then around to Elm Lake. Elm Lake has a trail I want to walk. It connects with another trail that leads to a 4 story observation tower that I want to goto next time!

The time I spent at the park was very quiet and relaxing. Comforting to say the least. Although it was hot and I hate the heat it was worth all the sweating. There are plenty more trails that await me and much more pictures to be taken. I am already planning out my next trips hiking trails and plan to get out there but ass early in the morning when they open to start. Load up with some protein and some water and im good to go. The only thing that ruined my trip was the idiot drivers out that way. I mean why are people in  a rush? The park speed limit is 30 mph yet people there were passing me up going well over 30. If you are at the park then obviously you are enjoying vacation, retirement or just a day off so there should be no need for speeding but I guess some people just do NOT know how to enjoy nature and the joy of driving/riding and traveling……

Creekfield Trail Near George Observatory

Creekfield Trail Near George Observatory

George Observatory as seen from shady trail

George Observatory as seen from shady trail


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