That Darn Bear in Alaska!

Originally posted on my blog but pasted it here so i didnt have to type it again. Im horrible because this should be my MAIN blog now…Shit….It Happens!

Riding from Cali to Alaska to who knows where….

So I left home from Malibu on my R1150RS for Seattle. Stayed the night there and then headed to Vancouver for a quick stop then made my way up to Juneau Alaska. Possibly a trip west to Anchorage if weather permits. It was a cold day out here but not too bad. Tonight it will be in the 20s and was in the 40s today.

I dont know where to go next honestly. I thought of hitting up the NWT of Canada for possibly Inuvik just as Neil Peart did but not sure if the Dempster Highway would be safe at this time of year. I would have to research and find out I guess. This is the closest in the Americas I have been to the Arctic Circle. Maybe not that close but close enough.

So im just south of Juneau near Petersburg when I stop for a quick piss break and down a small can of tuna and some water when a fucking bear starts grunting! Holy FUCK! He was a good distance but I started making noises and hopped on the bike FAST and rode off! Scary shit but I was able to piss and eat fast! lol

Made it into Juneau and got a cozy room at this small hotel. Dinner was steak with a glass of wine.

On a Slipknot note, follow Clown on Twitter @

Shawn is posting pics to twitpic while working on his project.

See you soon Europe….


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